Update Notes



  • Directional flinch when damaged.
  • Camera shake from nearby explosions.
  • Command-line “-FallbackGizmos” option to use 3D line renderers instead.
  • InventoryAudio option for drag/drop item sounds.
  • Procedurally_Animate_Inertia bool option for equipable items.
  • Zoom_Using_Eyes bool option for gun sights.
  • Equipable_Movement_Speed_Multiplier option for equipable items and gun attachments.
  • Aiming_Movement_Speed_Multiplier and Aiming_Recoil_Multiplier options for guns and gun attachments.
  • Attack_Interval option for animals (measured in seconds).
  • Support for server plugin setting item hotkeys.
  • Support for server plugin enabling voice chat while dead.
  • Command-line “-FrameRateLimit” option which overrides the menu option.
  • Command-line “-FarClipDistance” option for players who want to try reducing max draw distance below minimum.


  • Recoil and spread are doubled while using third-person perspective.
  • Improved tactical laser visibility through scopes.
  • Increased default text field length from 16 to 100.
  • Reduced bullet casing bounce volume.
  • Separated water surface visibility in editor from volume visibility option.
  • Animal damage considers player armor.
  • Include workshop file name in asset mismatch kick message if different.


  • Server description corruption with line break inside multi-byte codepoint.
  • Precision loss when repeatedly dragging transform back and forth.
  • Crafted guns with state transfer will use default firemode.
  • White surface when water volume loads with planar reflection disabled.
  • Using fertilizer on fully-grown crops.
  • Washington note showing empty line of text.

Recoil Changes:

The skill ceiling of first-person aiming has been raised by adding secondary recoil away from the center of the screen. Holographic sights and tactical lasers are the best indicator for this because they always point exactly where the shot will go. i.e., if the gun has zero spread and the laser has recoiled above the crosshair then the bullet will hit exactly where the laser marks. Third-person recoil and spread have been doubled to encourage the use of first-person aiming.


Very good changes. Outside of the flinch, that is. Now if you are shot first and are out of cover you’re definitely losing the fight.

I’ve been playing around with the equippable modifiers to clothing items and noticed it only applies to things in the players hand. Could this be extended to also apply to clothing the player is wearing?

It would be great to make the player move slower or faster based off of the armor they’re wearing.

This is intended – “Equippables” are things held in your hand. Fortunately, you can already do what you were wanting to do.

You want to use the Movement_Speed_Multiplier property, which is a property for clothing assets that we added last year. For example use cases, iirc the curated Arid map uses this for many of their clothing items. You can also refer to the relevant official doc here: U3-Docs/ClothingAsset.md at master · SmartlyDressedGames/U3-Docs · GitHub

And if you wanted the player to be slowed in both scenarios, then you can just add both properties.


Oh that’s awesome! Is there also a way to do the same for clothing with the accuracy modifier? Would love to have certain shirts that could make you more accurate with a gun.

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