Update Notes



  • Reduced intensity of camera flinch from damage by 50%.
  • Increased explosion camera shake recovery speed by around 20%.
  • Reduced radius of explosion camera shake for most effects by around 50%.
  • Reduced screenshot player tagging distance to 64 meters.
  • Improved logging of kicks for bad connection.
  • Third-person-only servers have the third-person recoil and spread penalty disabled.


  • Foliage manager is added to level if missing when bake is clicked.
  • Startup stuck if preferences file is read-only.
  • Unable to join servers in third-person-only mode.
  • Hockey Mask not equippable in hands.
  • Catch localization string format exceptions.
  • Disabled cultist outfit textures CPU read/write.
  • Outline glow appearing over laser dot.
  • Housing item mouse wheel input not blocked by UI.
  • Not saving options/graphics/controls in level editor.
  • Manually installed Maps missing from per-server asset list.
  • Accumulating error when copy/pasting transform.

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