Update Notes




  • Raised minimum Grass quality from Off to Low.
  • Grass is now streamed from a worker thread which reduces the CPU performance impact.
  • Improved performance of screenshot capture with supersampling enabled.
  • Improved logging of kicks for transport failure.


  • Sentry gun shooting while paused.
  • Lobby screen breaking if plugin set description to invalid base64 string.

32-bit Windows (again):

Several updates ago in support for 32-bit Windows officially ended. This was not well communicated in game however because unless the archived 32-bit compatibility branch was installed it was combining the older build with the most recent shared/common files. In order to make this smoother for the meantime the 32-bit Windows version will stay up-to-date, but can only play singleplayer (not multiplayer), and shows an explanation on the main menu. Opting-in to the archived 32-bit compatibility branch allows hosting and playing multiplayer on the older version.


Week-long pin.

nelson buffing greenskins letsgoo

thank you nelson this more then makes up for the flinch being added :pray: :pray: :pray:

Did you know that flinch was reduced by 50%?

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I’ve only been looking at the update of the game for years, this game is amazing in all ways

I hope in the future they will add my idea, a filter of things used in the editor, so that you don’t have to look for the same thing that you already put in objects many times

Everything on the Picture was done thanks to Photoshop, I would like to see the function of the previous items in the editor in the future, this would speed up the work for map developers