Update Notes (+ patches)



  • All effect, dialogue, quest, and vendor references support guids.

  • Asphyxiating status icon while in non-breathable area.

  • Max Boss Zombies per-navmesh option.

  • Per-dialogue-message option to change NPC face.


  • Removed devkit editor and its related unused systems.

  • Moved decal visibility into regular editor visibility tab.

  • Partially upgraded Nodes editor similar to Volumes and re-categorized devkit spawnpoint as node.

  • Moved devkit object material overrides into Objects editor.

  • Item Equip sound is redirectable with EquipAudioClip option.

  • Server logs when client requests graceful disconnect.

  • Slightly improved “spy” capture performance.


  • Several exploits to remove grass and terrain materials.

  • Twised start of road mesh with “ignore terrain” enabled.

  • Another bug with planar reflections with multiple water volumes.

  • Leaking foliage cuts when floors were destroyed.

  • Pressing rotate item while not dragging item still playing audio.

  • Lockpicks, tires, and batteries being removed if another player enters vehicle while using.

  • Round scale to -1 or +1 if nearly equal to help reduce slight misalignments between objects.

  • Round rotation angles if nearly axis aligned to help reduce slight misalignments between objects. For example 89.99 rounds to 90.

  • Adjustments to Kuwait letterman shoes, bubble pipe, and mask. [Thanks Animatic!]


Most effect and NPC features did not yet support guids, instead relying on the old 16-bit ids. Now anywhere that a 16-bit effect or NPC asset id is used can also support guid instead. New and future content should use guids where possible to avoid asset id conflicts. Going through all of the related code was a rather large change, so there might be some unexpected side effects that need fixing in a patch.

Merging the last few features from the devkit into the regular editor is a big step toward improving the experience for mappers. The focus of editor updates can finally shift from fixing the “devkit vs legacy” mess to new tools, features, QoL, etc.


-removed vanilla maps


The issue you’re probably referencing has since been fixed in the subsequent .1 and .2 patches to the game.


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The patch was pushed out this morning.

If your map is still causing a kick related to missing foliage assets, then all should have to do right now is just open your map in the level editor and click save. This will automatically convert the foliage to the updated foliage file format.

well, doenst work on some servers, check the picture

If anybody is wondering how to fix this (server owners only)

Heres the fix

The hotfix for vanilla masterbundle:
Rename core.masterbundle.hash to core_linux.masterbundle.hash in U3DS/Bundles folder

For modded masterbundle:
Find the folder where all mods are downloaded U3DS\Servers\SERVERID\Workshop\Steam\content\304930,
Check if mod has XXX_linux.masterbundle file, if it does rename XXX.masterbundle.hash to XXX_linux.masterbundle.hash

This only applies to vanilla maps and arid?
Might have gotten that wrong
But most workshop maps are unfixable atm

Fix by DIFFoZ

Regarding the bug with dedicated Linux servers, there’s a patch going out very soon.

See below. ↓

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Unfortunately ran into issues with uploading the .4 patch, so rolled back the .3 patch until hopefully tomorrow. Wiping the build machine to a clean state :turned:


When I try to edit my map I get stuck in the loading screen, any idea?

Any map that was saved on the .3 version is currently inaccessible, gotta wait for the .3 update to push later today.

The patch just released. This small patch includes an update to the BattlEye client files.