Update Notes

A6 Polaris Teaser:

Watch the trailer for danaby2’s upcoming curated map “A6 Polaris” releasing next Friday!



  • Spread_Angle_Degrees gun option replacing Spread_Hip.

  • Aim_In_Duration gun option. Old hardcoded default was 0.2 seconds. Vanilla guns have been tweaked +/- 50ms on average.

  • Aim_Duration_Multiplier gun attachment option. Large vanilla magazines reduce aiming speed.

  • Damage_Falloff_Max_Range option for falloff to finish closer than the total max range.

  • Plugin option to hide center dot and disable reputation change notification.

  • Separate messaging and auto-shutdown for update rollbacks.

  • Is_Music bool option for effect asset used in ambiance volumes.

  • Support for warning if there is a large discrepancy between server listing and actual in-game ping.


  • Crosshair follows recoil similar to laser and better represents actual spread.

  • Prevent joining servers without GSLT over the internet. LAN servers are unaffected.

  • Servers with unspecified monetization (servers with purchasable gameplay advantages) are no longer included in the Internet list when searching without a name filter.

  • Trees can override their appearance on the 2D chart similar to objects.

  • Item condition supports comparison other than >=.

  • Improved how viewmodel camera is automatically aligned with gun sights.

  • Pressing enter in IP field shows loopback/LAN info, and with a “:port” moves port to the port field.


  • Gun spread is finally circular rather than square.

  • Clear volume selection when changing tool.

  • Selecting quests in quest list when a quest asset was missing.

  • Foliage tool performance while not painting with large brush.

  • Potential nodes editor bug with IMGUI mode.

  • Volume solid visualization visible in satellite capture.

  • Collision at rear of destroyed ural object.

  • Alignment of volumes tab and objects list.

  • Not timing out when server did not respond to join request.

Server Changes:

Refreshing the Internet server list without a name filter will only show non-monetized and non-gameplay-monetization servers now. As a reminder: servers selling gameplay advantages should not categorize themselves as non-monetized / non-gameplay-monetization. Examples of gameplay advantages include weapons, vehicles, experience, admin commands, progression skips, etc. The goal is to help promote discoverability of non-pay-to-win (P2W) servers for new players.

Last year setting a Game Server Login Token (GSLT) became a requirement for listing on the Internet server list. This has now become a requirement for direct connection as well. The goal is to help with moderation of servers re-uploading other creators’ workshop files without permission.


Pinned until next week’s update.

Yay a snowy map, dziękuję Daniel!

Glad to see some changes on the pvp aspect again. Keen to try them out

The map looks like a mix between a sandbox and survival map. Plus it’s snowy, something we have not gotten for so long. I love it!

Is it possible to know the exact time its going to be released?

(I am really trying to clear up my plans just for this map)

Tomorrow if everything goes according to plan.

(If you meant the hour, I think Nelson tends to release the updates at around 11 am MST.)

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Yeah, i meant the hour, thank you for telling me a more precise time when it’s going to be released.