'Fix' Megathread

With the addition of the new sky/environmental graphical upgrades, there are a few things worth mentioning as they mess with some maps.

Reflections on all reflective water surfaces are very clearly broken

The new fog changes are very good, but arguably bring down the view distance too much.
The minimum radius of the circle of fog could be brought up by default to help you see just a bit more, some examples could be Arid turning into a horror map, and Kuwait and Elver having their special quest events blocked by fog

The clouds slider in the editor is not nearly as ‘effective’ now, maybe the maximum threshold can be brought up to help create some overcast skies? Also, more of a subjective thing, but the clouds have an outline that looks a bit weird- according to (danaby2)

Another subjective thing, some people (danaby2) have commented that the moon looks like a golf ball now, and should have some sort of craters or imperfections.


All around very nice changes, maybe next on the list is SpeedTrees getting axed and some form of cell-shaded water (:

Images taken by @danaby2 (danaby2)


awesome post!!


Thanks for the feedback / bug reports. I might end up merging similar feedback posts into this one, if more crop up, so that it’s easier to keep note of.


This is more accurate.

Water rendering has been broken when the skybox is exposed.
This is an issue on maps with deeper depths where the skybox is visible but the terrain floor isn’t. Hawaii, Easter Island and Kuwait are maps where this can happen.

The old Unity 4.x water should be replaced, but in the meantime hopefully this rendering error can be fixed.
a friend made some water like this awhile back, a bit boring but something like this could be cool?

also idk what causes this but it’s a bit broken

Agreed. The fog is way too aggressive. It’s nice from mountain tops but it’s a bit much beyond that.

100% agree. The minimum of the slider should be no clouds and the max should be near complete coverage. Maps like Arid and Kuwait having clouds is just… off.

I agree, the cloud’s outlines look off. They also don’t seem to be affected by the cloud’s coulouring which makes the problem worse. (Also the clouds just look off at night due to being too bright)

^ image better shows off the iffy night clouds (thanks damn daniel)

While I don’t like Speedtrees it would be preferable that they do not get removed as a lot of players do prefer the look. I think they should receive tweaks to make them more cartoony, along with adjusting their models to better match their legacy counterparts. If they were to be removed it would be nice if the Legacy trees had a touch up to make them more congruent with the current art style changes. Arid Trees are a decent reference. (plus removing speedtrees would probably break modded content that does use them so idk, I’d do updates to accommodate but I’m not sure everyone else would)

images taken from @danaby2, @Pearlovka and myself

edit: i’ve seen a lot of people mention that the clouds being flat look bad. Nelson is thinking of upgrades/tweaks. Posting it here incase anyone missed this part of the patch notes.


Don’t mind me—just linking to a few Steam Discussions posts for the sake of discussion/relevancy:

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Based on the feedback some of the cloud and fog related changes planned for the next update:

  • Per-level setting to disable clouds for all players
  • Add minimum distance before sky transition fog begins fading in
  • Reduce intensity of sky transition fog

Other stuff:

  • Maybe increasing the cloud density when the slider is turned all the way up.
  • Reduce arena wall height.
  • I have some pending changes which do per-pixel ray-water intersection for underwater fog, but undecided about whether it is worth it for the transparency implications.
  • Maybe removing SpeedTrees. I do intend to upgrade the old trees eventually, e.g. with new models and pivots animated in the vertex shader, but the question is whether to remove SpeedTrees before those are taken care of.
  • Maybe removing dual-render planar relections. Again I intend to upgrade the water visuals eventually, hmm…

edit: lots of other planned rendering changes e.g. merging viewmodel into the third person model, converting terrain holes, and full 2d / dual-render scope parity, but at some point hard to know the order everything will happen in.


SpeedTrees use hitboxes from the default trees, which makes using them a disadvantage - what’s the point hiding behind something that doesn’t block bullets. Oh, and the Mount Logan trolley on Yukon is missing the wires god knows how many months already. Wagons just float in the air. Is there a fix planned?

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I don’t recall those trolleys ever having wires, similar to how telephone polls aren’t visibly connected together via wires.


Nelson, please, another time use beta branches to test the update, don’t release it to the public before you had a feedback on it and before you got whole thing polished. Come on.

The clouds look like Nelson went to the map editor and put a white texture over some grass and just green screened the grass out and used it for the skybox.

Also @SDGNelson, airdrops are being rendered too close, to that point when player can not even find where it is being dropped.

I think they used to have wires in older versions. Not sure at which point, though…

Molton is correct, they never had wires, you can check footage from the map in 2015.

Mandala effect


funny musgrave texure node

@SDGNelson here is some footage of Arid airdrop helicopter fading in… basically nothing. https://media.giphy.com/media/MDIr9z19xCFB9A8CpT/giphy.gif

(sorry for double ping)
Thank WesleyRaine_Ang3 for the video.

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