Update Notes (+patch)

Miscellaneous minor fixes and adjustments.


  • Show message when trying to join WAN address without Internet available.

  • Placed kill volumes inside some vanilla boulders.

  • Raised SNS timeout from 10s to 30s to potentially help servers experiencing spikes of traffic.


  • Potential fix to zombie path not released error. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]

  • Changed Scalar magazine rarity from Epic to Rare. [Thanks Naamell8!]

  • Disabled workshop file setting ignored if response is received after initial startup. [Thanks Blaze!]

  • Prevent using style and align tags in server listing description. [Thanks ItsRodrigoAl!]

  • Converting UTC time in dat files to local time.

  • Asset validation for non-readable object navmesh not checking child components.

  • Asset validation log for quest condition resetting None status.

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The patch reverts the addition of kill volumes inside some vanilla boulders, which inadvertently killed some players when they weren’t uniformly scaled.


  • Reverted addition of kill volumes inside some vanilla boulders.

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