Teaser #3

In the next update, item descriptions automatically include a variety of relevant stats, from damage to movement speed to recoil control:

I’ve added 108 stats to the descriptions so far, though I expect some more will arise from feedback after the update. This is yet another improvement that was long awaiting the automatic layout UI support.


is… that…
that is big


You don’t understand, it’s really huge, I want to write a witty description along with stats, but now I don’t need to do that!!!

although will I be able to like, turn some of these off?


This will be epic, and finally! I no longer have to manually write all this information in the description for my guns. :heart:

But how about also add information about ammo? I mean, information about what ammo the weapon can be loaded with for example?
I think it will be cool to add either.


This is fire

Buff semi auto guns by increasing rate of fire limit please :pray:

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What if I need to hide a weapon’s characteristics? Will there be an option to hide it? Also, will it be possible to change the description of an item in runtime? I mean the ability to change the description of an item through the API server.

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That was a bug, not an actual limit I thought. Didn’t one of the recent updates fix that?

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