Update Notes + patches

Stats in item descriptions, multi-line text chat, popular workshop / news feed replacement, and more!

Item Stats

Item descriptions now automatically include a variety of stats, from damage to movement speed to recoil control. More stats and tuning will surely follow feedback after the update.

Multi-line Text Chat

Text chat messages can finally span multiple lines. Previously, the length was enforced by a 127 byte limit, severely restricting languages with multi-byte characters. This limit is now 512 bytes for player messages and 2048 for plugins.

News Feed

Before on the left, after on the right. The old news feed was created separately from the rest of the game’s menus, so it didn’t match the UI scale or your custom theming. All of the UI is finally unified under one roof!

New Outfits

With Halloween on the horizon, six new outfits have been accepted from the Curated Workshop into the Stockpile:

Behind the Scenes

Item descriptions, multi-line text chat, and the main menu news feed all have one thing in common: Their size depends on the amount of content. It may seem silly, but Unturned could not automatically adjust the UI layout according to content size until this update. If you’re interested in more details, please check out this documentation link: Glazier support for IMGUI, uGUI, and UI Toolkit.

A button to mute text chat per player has been added to the player list in further response to concerns raised about multiplayer toxicity earlier this year. Additionally, voice and text blocks are now saved between sessions to your Steam Cloud.

Spawn tables should be much nicer to work with. Their asset files can use the newer list format, eliminating the tedious index-based keys. They fully support GUIDs to reduce conflicts (even if the target type, like items, doesn’t support GUIDs yet). Failed spawns provide additional context in what triggered them.

Before this update, your NPC dialogue choices were sent to the server for NPC logic, but the UI relied on locally predicting the following message and response. Over the years, this caused a few issues, like broken interactions if the server rejected your choice or relied on a randomized value (e.g., dialogue-driven spawns in custom modes). Dialogue has been rewritten so that the server has complete control over the flow of events, fixing these problems and introducing new possibilities.

Unturned has gradually gotten better at enforcing file integrity in multiplayer, preventing a variety of easy cheats related to modifying assets. A more complicated case involved replacing the Unity player’s resource/scene files to override assets not yet stored in asset bundles, like skin and hair. With this update, those Unity files are now protected as well.


  • UI_Requirements option enables more complex quests with multiple stages rather than showing all the steps upfront.
  • Considering farmables are often repurposed as item-generating machines, Rain_Affects_Growth and Harvest_Rewards options make them less plant-like and allow non-item uses, e.g., to unlock a door.



  • Stat values in all item descriptions, and Use_Auto_Stat_Descriptions [bool] item option to turn off.
  • Autumn Comforts, Beekeeper, Executioner, Goth, Pharaoh, and Wandering Wizard bundles from the Curated Workshop.
  • Left_Handed_Characters_Mirror_Equipable [bool] option for text items like Buak maps. Defaults to true.
  • UI_Requirements option for quest conditions to hide certain steps until other steps are complete.
  • Barricade_Wall build type for barricades without interactive function.
  • Support for the newer dat list format and GUID references in spawn table assets.
  • ThirdPerson_Zoom [float] property for scopes. Defaults to 1.25.
  • “-TimeOverlay” command-line flag to show seconds since startup under FPS in upper-left.
  • “-LogSpawnTablesAfterLoadingLevel” command-line flag to log all spawn chances.
  • Player list button to mute text chat messages per-player.
  • Rain_Affects_Growth [bool] and Harvest_Rewards options for farmable items.
  • NPC Global Event Messenger component for mods.
  • Override Relevant Distance option for Effect Spawner component.
  • Optional integration with Unity’s newer UI system: UI Elements / UI Toolkit.
  • Player_Life_Health NPC reward type.


  • Per-player voice and text chat mute is saved between sessions.
  • Text chat (finally) supports more than two lines per message. Raised player-sendable length from 127 to 512.
  • Converted main menu featured workshop and news feed to same UI system as the rest of the game.
  • Pressing camera focus hotkey in volumes editor with nothing selected returns near to world origin.
  • Effects support replication using quaternion for rotation rather than forward vector.
  • Unity scene and resources files are included in multiplayer hash validation.
  • Character preview adjusts render target resolution to match on-screen size.
  • NPC dialogue tree is no longer locally predicted.
  • Updated from Unity 2020.3.38 to 2021.3.29.


  • Pressing item hotkeys while mouse is visible outside inventory menu unbinding them. [Thanks Ankumo!]
  • Hide mute button for yourself on the player list. [Thanks Matqyou!]
  • Hide selected item hotkey hint for primary/secondary weapons in inventory. [Thanks Spebby!]
  • 3D hitmarkers not showing multiple when spraying full-auto. [Thanks Pickle Burger!]
  • Potential cause of non-registering hits immediately after equipping melee. [Thanks P9nda!]
  • Default terrain texture tiling size when unreadable. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]
  • Clamp volume scale to +/- 100km to avoid some physics problems. [Thanks AdamDN!]
  • Heightmap brush sometimes destroying terrain. [Thanks Romelete, DanielWillett, and AdamDN!]
  • Hostile animals not playing startle animation upon detecting a player. [Thanks DerpyHoowes!]
  • Gun/turret event hooks OnShotFired not invoking on server. [Thanks ZoliWorks!]
  • Transport failure breaking disconnect partway through workshop/assets/level loading. [Thanks DiFFoZ and kezaspr!]
  • Aim animation speed not changing properly with attachments. [Thanks Wyvernaed!]
  • Unable to create new assets using the spawn tables editor. [Thanks Jdance!]
  • More potential fixes to spaghetti-patches of pathfinding code. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]
  • Include attack interval in animal eat/glance animation delay. [Thanks Gamingtoday093!]
  • Civilian nightvision grayscale effect not applying to dual-render scope. [Thanks dug!]
  • Repeatedly generating GUID for asset when unable to parse GUID. [Thanks LocoCZ!]
  • Dead bodies blocking interactable doors. [Thanks Twddisco!]
  • Exception if nightvision property was added to saved glasses. [Thanks Barinnf!]
  • An exploit related to NPC dialogue. [Thanks Liebesleid!]
  • Unknown session response kick when server Steam ID changed. [Thanks sunnamed434 and DiFFoZ!]
  • NPC conditions/rewards not applying for repair or ammo crafting. [Thanks iBowie!]
  • Level loading null reference exception if forageable bush was missing Forage object.
  • PEI civilian vehicle spawn table not spawning rally cars properly.

Patch #1


  • NPC dialogue responses without linked dialogue/vendor not granting rewards. (e.g., Arid bus driver)
  • Using item not visible/audible for other players in multiplayer.
  • Augewehr metallic map corrupted. [Thanks Axodouble!]
  • Bounty Hunter Maplestrike skin metallic map corrupted. [Thanks Gukk!]

Patch #2


  • Vanilla will search for *.dll files in the Modules to resolve assembly dependencies. Can be turned off with -NoVanillaAssemblySearch.


  • Potential cause of text chat misalignment / UI exception. [Thanks m00nchance!]
  • In-world signs missing Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts.
  • Luger, 1911, Swissgewehr, Cali Merc Matamorez, and Dango PDW metallic map corrupted. [Thanks Gukk!]

Patch #3


  • Include code documentation xml alongside dlls for plugin devs. [Thanks DiFFoZ!]
  • Spawns editor tooltips show ID and asset origin.


  • Null reference exception if legacy spawn asset was missing.
  • Exception when loading auto-found dll a second time.
  • Decals remaining between level loads. [Thanks wsmajt!]
  • Aiming gun with safety on and Can_Aim_During_Sprint on. [Thanks Axodouble!]
  • Action buttons in item popup not working in IMGUI mode. [Thanks QERT2002!]
  • Revert postprocessing package version (again). [Thanks Kubusiek3!]
  • Bounty Hunter Ace skin metallic map corrupted. [Thanks DustyOwO!]
  • Teklowvka and Formal Fusilaut metallic maps corrupted. [Thanks MoltonMontro!]
  • Supercharged Shadowstalker, Accelerated Force Determinator, and Air Raider Augewehr metallic map corrupted. [Thanks Oyamat!]
  • Bodycount Nightraider metallic map corrupted. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]
  • France Crusader Shield metallic map corrupted. [Thanks Alpha-17!]


Cool update, I feel like it would look better if the damage numbers and stuff were bold and/or colored something different so they stand out more, like curated maps do


The patch has been released – please restart your game/server to receive the latest update.

Although this includes a couple bug fixes, there is a notable change to assembly loading. If you are a plugin developer, I highly suggest following any relevant discussions, issues, or PSAs posted on the Unturned 3.x Community GitHub repository.

The patch has been released. This is a small patch that contains various bug fixes regarding the latest major game update.

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Is it currently possible to change per in game item stats? No need to go too in depth in the reply (unless there are only really obscure methods of doing it).

Yes, go to unturned > bundles > items > itemname > itemname.dat.

You won’t be able to join servers if you do that though, you can revalidate your game files to undo the changes though.

read my guy individual items aka in game. If it was confirmed by someone who knows and the way to do it and it became common knowledge a decent amount of mods / plugins from modifiers to upgrades, found items giving you a random amout of healing / food / stamina and maybe even durability changing the stats of your weapons (instead of only damage) could be made those then could make each item unique for a better expierience when playing.

Wasn’t particularly clear, sorry I misunderstood.

I assume you would need plugins but I do know you can set up something somewhat similar. You can use randomized crafting outputs so you could make there be say 5 different makeshift rifles with differing stats and you get a random one on crafting. As far as randomized food and water values you could just masterbundle override several different food items that can spawn that have an identical name.

Yeah thats an idea but would need to 2x 10x the amount of items and spawn tables based on how expansive you want the randomness to be perhaps getting another major stats update would be nice (either the ability to add your own stats or just a couple extras you could define by default)
For example (most of these im pretty sure cant be done do correct me if im wrong) armour cant define specific resistances (for a specific gun / melee weapon, could even expand upon those by adding classes that items could be added to then those resistances and weaknesses could be added to the class as a whole), you cant increase/decrease max health/stamina/oxygen with armour, you cant add random effects to a consumable item like for example hunger (ig hunger could just be done by making food it gives negative but i mean like actual hunger as food goes down faster) bleed (the berries pretty sure are the only random effects, but they mostly affect vision and mouse inputs not ingame stats plus they might be hardcoded into the game)