Update Notes

Minor fixes/patch. Miscellaneous fixes for issues leftover from the update.



  • Stopped audio cutting off after original timer expired. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte and Jarshoowa!]

  • Docs link in workshop menu not pointing at new docs site. [Thanks Kopfstroh!]

  • Festive Toque overly aggressive culling distance. [Thanks Matqyou!]

  • Exception if gun properties were specified for non-gun NPC item reward. [Thanks P9nda!]

  • Incorrect write permission denied error for workshop submission on Mac and Linux. [Thanks CyberAndrii!]

  • Inconsistent labeling in Options menu. [Thanks ItsRodrigoAl!]

  • Near-zero and near-one bone blend weights on a few vertices of character model. [Thanks FJleKSS!]

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Temp. global pin.

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