Update Notes | Firefighter Zombie Plush

Miscellaneous improvements and the announcement of the Firefighter Zombie Plush!



  • GrantDelaySeconds option for NPC rewards.

  • PlayerKnowsNameFlagID option to replace NPC name with ??? until introduced.


  • Load asset bundles with same name and redirect if loading fails.

  • Removed bone influences setting, default is now four.


  • Shoulder and elbow bone blend weights. [Thanks many animators in the community!]

  • Typo in Feather Hoodie description. [Thanks Bautobrodo!]

  • Grenade assuming box collider is present. [Thanks Spebby!]

  • Airplane propeller partial transparency while not driven. [Thanks Toothy Deerryte!]

  • Shirt/pants metallic texture Smoothness missing from combined clothing shader. [Thanks Renaxon!]

  • Several item rarity colors in crafting list. [Thanks MoltonMontro!]

  • Different behavior of GC cleanup and unloading unused assets after loading rewrite. [Thanks Wyvernaed and CyberAndrii!]

  • Potentially fixed using numpad enter in text fields. [Thanks Strilyx and MoltonMontro!]

  • Picking up items from ground into storage bypassing max item count. [Thanks Lyhme!]

  • Zombie special attacks damaging barricades, structures, and vehicles when targeting is disabled. [Thanks P9nda!]

  • Loading error if a script on an effect threw an exception while pre-populating effect pool.

Firefighter Zombie Plush

We have collaborated with Makeship to bring the Firefighter Zombie to life in the form of a limited-edition collectible plush toy!

You can order this lovable monster from the Makeship campaign here:

View Unturned Firefighter Zombie Plush on Makeship

To produce them we need to reach the funding goal of 200 orders before the campaign ends on July 8th. Everyone will be refunded if the 200 mark is not achieved.

View Makeship FAQ

Originally posted on Steam News: Unturned - Update Notes - Steam News

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A small bump to say that the Unturned Firefighter Zombie Plushies are estimated to ship out on October 10th! Due to players’ support, we had hit the campaign goal within the first few days.

If you haven’t already, there’s still time to get this lil’ pal for yourself, as the campaign has been extended to July 16 @ 11:00pm ET: Unturned Firefighter Zombie Plush | Makeship

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