Update Notes

Development Status Report & Ireland Changes


Glad your back! :smile: Always important to have a happy Dev.

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Nice, welcome back

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Glad to see you back!

Also, did you see how we ruined your vacation?

We were behind the strange line of events all along!



don’t push yourself too hard man

We probably made his holiday so bad that he just came back.

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Did you play Ravenfield before adding Dagger? :wink:

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I’m going to assume that Diesel has probably never touched Ravenfield in his life, considering he doesn’t have the game installed or bought.

A quick google search told me that the Dagger is most definitely not an AWM, but rather a rocket launcher based on the Mk153 SMAW. The closest thing to the AWM in Ravenfield would be their “SL-Defender.”

Two things both based on the same popular gun are going to look similar.

Welcome back Nelson glad to see you again that youre back and ready to work on the game(s) but always remember dont overwork yourself and take youre time man.

<3 Best game devloper



BattlEye shall replace the sun !

Im happy to see all these people supporting you. you have a good life nelson I envy you.