– A Carr Update

Various vehicle improvements, an audio menu, kicking for grass-colored skin, and more in the update notes!

Ahoy there me hearty!
What, why is this update vaguely pirate-themed? Because it’s fun to say “car” with an extra ‘r’, that’s why!

I left my offroader parked in the Pirate Cove for 5 minutes and some scallywag vandalized it with magenta paint. As a navy man, that is, a man who likes the color navy (not to be confused with a pirate’s enemy, the navy), it was a clear choice how to restore ol’ reliable:

Oh right, the update! Well, vehicles with 4+ wheels - like cars and trucks - should behave a fair bit more reasonably now! With new suspension and a somewhat more realistic engine system they handle much better, though this is hard to show with a picture so here’s me kicking up sand on the beach:

It’s hopefully worth giving them a try in-game! Note, however, that two-wheeler vehicles like bikes and snowmobiles are still rather questionable (to say the least) and haven’t been addressed by this update yet.

Can you spot a green-skinned player in this screenshot? If you can, you may need to get your eyes checked because I took the screenshot in singleplayer mode.

That said, it can be challenging to spot players online whose skin color perfectly matches the terrain. In an experment to protect against this, we’re requiring players’ skin color not to be too similar to the terrain before they join a PEI, Washington, or Russia server.

o7 to our O.G. double-R Unturned pirate, yarrrr! (He’s not dead or anything, I just felt he deserved acknowledgement considering the piracy here.) Changelog


  • Vehicle spraypaint items. [IDs 1840-1866]
  • Audio Menu with new Game Volume slider separate from Master Volume and Voice Volume.
  • Options for adjusting volume and limiting framerate while alt-tabbing.
  • Preliminary engine RPM and automatic gearbox systems for vanilla cars.
  • Tire kickup particle effects on vanilla physics materials.
  • New wheel models that properly match suspension, steering angle, and speed for vanilla cars.
  • Support for item names in vanilla /give command and vehicle names in /vehicle command.
  • Kick for skin color too similar to terrain color. Enabled on PEI, Washington, and Russia.
  • Enable_Terrain_Color_Kick server config and TerrainColors level asset property.
  • Per-item-type options for Has_Durability tuning.
  • Spread_Midair and Recoil_Midair gun properties.
  • Invulnerable [true/false] property for attachments. Enables Invulnerable property on the gun.
  • Shared_Skin_Apply_Visuals item property.
  • Per-deadzone damage and radiation control.
  • FilterDegradationRateMultiplier mask item property. Multiplier for per-deadzone radiation intensity.
  • Redirector asset type for replacing one asset with another.
  • VehicleRedirector asset type specifically for consolidating vehicle color variants.
  • OnExploded event for VehicleEventHook.
  • -LogVehicleWheelConfigurations command-line flag to assist in converting to new wheel system.


  • Changing directions while driving is more responsive by automatically braking until velocity changes direction.
  • Third-person camera rotates independently of vehicle.
  • Converted barricade and structure rotations to use quaternions rather than euler angles.
  • Perform host bookmark GET request without protocol specified if address contains forward slash.
  • Consolidated all vanilla vehicle LOD groups so wheels don’t disappear so soon.
  • Merged vanilla vehicle color variants into paintable base vehicles.
  • Respawn affected vehicles when reloading assets.
  • Physics material names are replicated using a string table now that tires use them.
  • Vehicles should no longer require a legacy ID for anything.
  • Similarly, spawn table legacy IDs should be mostly optional except for references by legacy systems.
  • Updated example assets and project packages.


  • Laser/light/rangefinder attachments now only affect damage and firerate when enabled. [Thanks danaby2!]
  • Aprix bandit shirt and pants overriding elf ears color. [Thanks Armstrong!]
  • NPC support EquipablePrefab override. [Thanks NSTM!]
  • Boss_Spirit zombie type missing bullet resistance. [Thanks Molt!]
  • Focus camera mode drifting away from focal point if spinning. [Thanks diddlyono!]
  • Hide attachments without name in otherwise unsupported slot from item description. [Thanks Happy12222!]
  • A few small visual bugs on Russia. [Thanks Happy12222 and Williriano!]
  • Maybe fix some visual issues with mythical effects. [Thanks ai-kana!]
  • Escalation Bionic Spine and Spirit Signs adjustments. [Thanks dug!]
  • Adjusted a few vehicle names including renaming Russian APC to Vodyanov.
  • Duplicating NPC reward volume not preserving asset reference.
    Special thanks to Big-Raider, Der Ente, Diddlyono, elsultaan, Flodo, Molt, Renaxon, Senior-S, WWTC, and YOUALLWA2 for their help resolving a variety of issues while this update was on the preview branch!

Behind the Scenes

If you’re interested in the thought process behind this update, you might find this blog post interesting. It explains why and in what order some vehicle changes were worked on:

A Carr Update - Notes from the Preview Branch

For the modders out there looking for details on how to implement these improvements in your own content, here are some links to the relevant documentation:


YOOOOOOOOO vehicle update out :fire:

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he actually did it he added cars to the game this update is fire :fire:

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Ground vehicles needed some rework and new mechanics for quite a while, it will have a huge change for curated content creators. Can’t wait to see a new map with reworked vehicles. Good update :fire:

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This update goes vrooom so well it got flashed by the speed camera

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Yarrrr :saluting_face: strong text

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There was a small patch today. Changelog


  • Vehicle paint color preview when buying a vehicle from an NPC vendor.

  • NPC vendor asset property to override vehicle’s paint color.

  • More helper functions for plugin devs updating for vehicle paint changes.


  • Has_Durability backwards compatibility not working when overridden by level config. [Thanks NSTM!]

  • Out of date info in reload, give, and vehicle help text. [Thanks Molt!]

  • Exception with LDM /v command handling vehicle redirector asset. [Thanks ItsRodrigoAl!]

  • Missing non-repairable wheels on vehicles with new wheels added like APC. [Thanks Pete!]

  • Wheel model tread direction. [Thanks LocoCZ!]

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Thanking yourself :wink:

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This update has solved a major problem and enhanced the experience of the vehicle, preventing it from getting stuck inexplicably like before,But what I want to give feedback on is the issue of some cars reversing and whether it is recommended to add a gear shifting system to the vehicle

OK,Let’s first talk about the issue of reversing. Some cars, such as APC sedans and racing cars, may have a delay in reversing, and there may be a large gap between them. The car may not move, or the reverse may be slow. After updating, that’s all

Secondly, there is the car gear shifting system. I strongly agree with the vehicle system of the unconverted Unturned2, which makes the car even more efficient. Currently, there are many vehicles in the creative workshop that have been developed, but I do not oppose the official view of deliberately retaining traditional original vehicles
“This comment is my personal opinion, and I would like to express my gratitude to Unturned for it”

I would like to share my opinion here about this update. In general, it is good. Fixed a lot of problems with vehicles. I used to do some really cool tricks with jet, rainbow car but now I can’t really do some. I guess I will just have to learn the new mechanic and find new tricks to do.

(post deleted by author)

Considering whether to add details to the car or some vehicles, such as exhaust pipe smoke particles, as well as details of the windshield and interior structure of the car, to enrich the structural frame?