Update Notes – Welcome to Escalation

Welcome to Escalation!

Welcome to Escalation

Featuring a myriad of new gameplay mechanics, systems, unique items, and more, Escalation raises the bar for Unturned.

Escalation’s arsenal is designed to feel great between immersive animations, precise attention to detail, and high-quality sound design. A great deal of focus went into weapon balance to ensure that each gunfight feels fair.

You may come across certain objects that can be shot or blown up. When set off, these objects can cause considerable harm to any unfortunate souls caught in their wake.

Strike Calls are powerful, single-use offensive weapons. They can be utilized with the assistance of an LTLM (Laser Target Locator Module) to cause considerable damage at a targeted location.

Base building is designed to be easy to understand but also has a great depth of functionality and detailing. Complex structures are available to those who choose to make them. A variety of decorations allow any survivor to decorate their base however they like.

Watch the Escalation Trailer Here

To host a server running the map add its workshop file ID (3251926587) to the File_IDs list in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json, and set the map to “Escalation” (without quotes) in Commands.dat.

For the next two weeks, as part of the map’s release event, you can craft a random new limited item from Menu > Survivors > Inventory > Crafting.

This project was created by dug, NSTM, Renaxon, and Witness Protection. If you enjoy the map and would like to support them, consider checking out their items in the Stockpile:

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  • Escalation Mystery Box, Map Bundle, and Singularity Aura.
  • Escalation Steam achievements and Hush Up achievement item.
  • Escalation cosmetic items craftable during release event.
  • Jaded Weapon Kit new ragdoll effect available in crafting and bonus items.



  • Quite a few LOD group issues with core assets, now found by asset validation.
  • Backwards +/- symbol for scope sway description. [Thanks WWTC!]


I hope people have been enjoying Escalation so far! Since its release last week, the map developers have pushed out a number of patches for bug fixes, weapon balance, and other minor improvements or additions.

You can find more information about patches from the Workshop page: Steam Community :: Escalation :: Change Notes


I like this map. Better than Buak!

Hi Molton loving the Map tons but just letting the map makers know that since the Tonjin changed from burst to full auto the description of the weapon is still saying it “shoots in lightning-fast bursts.” and there are trees growing in the ocean near the safezone and in Parkwood.

Hey @Terry1, I’m glad you’re enjoying the map. :slight_smile:

I’ve forwarded your bug report to the map makers. But if you find any more bugs and want to send them directly their way, they have a public bug report thread located on the map’s workshop page: Steam Community :: Escalation :: Discussions.

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Ah Perfect Thank you so much! I was being blind lol :slight_smile: