Patch Notes


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Patch Notes

  • Unlisted patch for the Carpat map.

  • Kepka has its stats tweaked.

  • The Tripwire Landmine is added.

  • Several unnecessary files have been removed.

  • Several localization files were updated.

  • Monster has its stats tweaked.

  • Three new objects were added for Carpat: a damb (archaeological mound), factory, and apartment.

  • The “Air_Control” location no longer has an unnecessary underscore.

  • “Nolanovo” was added as a location in reference to Nolan “Azzaholic,” who helped with the map’s English localization.

  • An unlisted facility was added to the central eastern border of the map, with new roads that connect it to Chalet and the Train Station.

  • Updated the custom tree shader to help improve Mac and Linux support on the map.

  • Tweaked vehicle spawns.

  • Updated the map’s satellite view.

  • Updated the map’s chart view with additional information, including: an alien head and three question marks in a closed off area in the top left corner, a tunnel highlighted in yellow, the map’s only airdrop location, and text indicating the map’s NPC location.

There might be a few other things, but that’s the gist of it.


Hopefully they added more detailing to buildings, and fixed the lazily made buildings.

I’m pretty sure the boarded up buildings/rooms are 100% intentional, and are like that to reinforce the apocalyptic desolate feel Carpat is going for. Carpat seems to take place a while after the apocalypse began.

Assuming that’s what you’re referring to.

It’s likely also to improve game performance/optimization/stability.

I understood when you included links to wiki pages on the wiki page for, and when you did it on the Discord for the Wiki, but this time they seem out of place.

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Yeah, I’d have to agree (assuming you mean the hyperlinks to Carpat/Monster/etc.). Started swapping them around -> had second thoughts -> decided to just finish the last one up anyways.

I feel like this map is like Chernobyl with its radioactive animals. And the cave

Slavic west virginia.

Comes to think about it. If they changed the sky to be more darker and “cloudy-like” I’d say yes.