3d modeler looking for work on curated projects or somethin

I work for free i dont care about payment Just kinda wanna make shit

Do not ask me to do unity i dont even have it installed and every time i open it i want to drive a ballpoint pen into my eye socket

You can find me on discord at avert#7283

Heres some unturned stuff i’ve made in the past

Clothing for crafting based map


Remade ural
that also kinda is just the truck




Concept for high tier ranger gear for a map project

Remade sandpiper

please subscribe and like and share



What do you use to make items ?

Wow dude! Your modeling skills are absolutely amazing.

If you’re interested, I own a medievel project that could really use your expertise. Got a development team but I’ve recently had to cease most development cause I just can’t afford it anymore.

And don’t worry about Unity :joy: i do all the unity work within the project. And if you’d like, I could teach you all the basic stuff to it.

Shoot me a message on Discord: GlockStone#0001

I can relate to this



i will keep you in mind

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