3rd person fixes nelson plz

TLDR: Third person needs to be fixed in that currently it lets you peek corners without exposing yourself, prefire said corners, get free zoom, remove iron sight models, make most guns 100% accurate without those ironsight models, invalidate dot and halo sights, remove skillful aiming with sights. I’m sorry for bringing this up again, but hey, i dont see it fixed and its been a few months. Whilst this may not be fixed in 3.0 i think it Must be fixed in 4.0 (II)

In this discussion I will be attempting to tackle the destruction of third person PVP once and for all. This game really needs this fixed, and without these fixes unturned PVP will remain as a joke.
May I mention one thing, can anyone think of an advantage to third person in its current state being in the game?

Why am I only having this issue now? My two favourite arena first person servers both shutdown, i had so much fun on these but now they are gone. This game no longer has a server that i can consistantly come to and have fun on.

I am sorry for bring up this conversation again. But it’s been a few months but we haven’t had it fixed yet and we haven’t heard anything about it in 4.0. If you do not wish to receive notifications for this topic, you can unsubscribe from it by clicking the unsubscribe button on the right of the screen
MY SOLUTION: Make the camera in 3rd Person move closer when against a wall to prevent peeking, remove the zoom right click gives you and instead when you right click, it should auto put you in first person aiming down sights.
Firstly, some comments on others may think this whole discussion is stupid
Please note that the top line or two will be another person’s claim, and the text in italics will be my rebuttal
this doesn’t matter because unturned isn’t a PVP game, it is a survival game
This is a completely stupid idea, as much as many people want this to stay a survival game, PVP still plays a very big role in the survival game mode. And even if we exclude this, arena is still a legitimate game mode that needs to be taken care of.
Everyone has third person, so therefore it must be fair
This is a very lazy argument, and it is technically correct too. However it is completely unhealthy for the skill based aspect of this game.if everyone spawned with a MK II, would that be skill based? If everyone had wallhacks, would that be healthy for the game? If everyone could get free zoom without binos, would that be good for the game? In another game like CS, if valve made a map 99% CT sided, would that be healthy in competitive play because the teams switch at half time, meaning that both teams get the OP side half the time. This is not fair

Literally any comment you could make
Is it ever fair that you should be able to peek corners without exposing yourself, remove iron sight model, gain free zoom without scope or bins, and reduce perceived recoil? Even if you ignore everything past this comment it would still be a pretty good reason to rework 3rd person

This is a non-issue because you can always play on a first person only server
Should you ever be able to peek corners without exposing yourself, remove iron sight model, gain free zoom without scope or bins, and reduce perceived recoil in any game mode? The answer is always no. And plus, there are hardly any good first-person servers, and most of them are roleplay.

Ok now onto the good stuff
Third person somehow doesn’t encourage bad playstyles like camping
It really does, Think of this situation. Two players run into each other in a somewhat flat forest, they exchange shots and both players duck into cover. At this point any sort of basic PVP movement such as moving towards a target are punished, as they can still see you pushing and have the choice to peek out and shoot you whenever they see fit.
Third person assists melee vs gun combat, and helps a person with a worse weapon gain an advantage and sneak up
Melee vs gun combat is a bit of a joke, the person with guns should win 99% of the time, on the topic of bad guns being able to kill people with good guns, really it can work the same way against you and the person with the better gun and equal skill should win most of the time. Even in first person only the more skilled player wins often even with a worse gun.
Using third person in close quarters is very ineffective due to parallax
In medium-close quarters combat, parallax is negligible and very easily compensated for. In extremely close quarters combat, you must remember that you are not bound to third person, and can easily switch back to first person
The person with the better cover/ position should win more often
I can agree with this; however, third person exaggerates this way too much. The person with worse cover must simply camp literally until the other player gets bored and decides to peek, in which they can pre-fire them. In the case that they decide to move, they will be easily gunned down for attempting any sort of basic movement or dynamic combat
Third person assists flanking and dynamic combat
It doesn’t. Picture the scenario where there are the two players behind trees on flat ground. Should one attempt to back away and to the side of the tree for flanking, they will be easily prefired by the other.
Third person encourages teamwork for flanking. As most gunfights end in two players pinning each other down, it really encourages a teammate to flank and help
This is true, however that means that the solo person will lose 99% of the time in this situation, and really, should you need 2 people to kill one person every time?
Third person allows for you to view your skins, character model and lets you drive EZ
I am not asking for a third person removal. It is nice to be able to view your own character and drive E.Z. I am simply asking for a rework, mentioned above

PS Wakko on the steam forums mentioned how 3rd person has become too much of an integral part of unturned to drop in 3.0. Too many people rely on 3rd person. Getting third person right in unturned 4.0 (II) is super important to me from the start. Its fair enough that it may not be fix ed in 3.0, but if its not fixed in 4.0 (II) i will be very upset. I invested 2200+ hours into unturned 1st person PVP. Purposefully putting myself at a disadvantage so i got good at first person by disabling my third person key in the config. Don’t let my dedication to unturned be put to waste.



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forgive me for being rude but like

we all already know this, 3rd person can be improved and it’s already been discussed

I know but i don’t really see anything from nelson, anything about it in the devlogs. And i certainly don’t see it fixed in 3.0

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