3rd person ideas poll

  • Keep 3rd person
  • Remove 3rd person, and stick with 1st
  • Keep 3rd person, but when you ADS switch to first person
  • Keep 3rd Person, but if you can’t see the player in first person, then you won’t see them in 3rd. You can still hear their footsteps.

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Keep 3rd person but make it admin only.

Third-person isn’t exactly a useful admin tool. There’s far more useful things admins can be given.


Why should admins only be able to use? To abuse it?

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To have a good way to look at yourself in singleplayer. Maybe singleplayer only is better.

no. ffs, everyone think its overpowered, but its not overpowered if everyone has equal access to it XD

“Freecam for everyone is not overpowered because everyone has equal access to it.”
It only works for some things and I think that 3rd person is not one of them.


Thirdperson is NOT freecam. where did you even get that idea.

He’s mocking your defense of third-person. For example, he could’ve said “nuclear weapons in Unturned wouldn’t be overpowered if everyone had one.”

He’s not calling third-person “freecam.”


Yes I may have worded it wrong, but third person is not overpowered. Its just kids who are angry they got killed by someone with it.

Derendering players who you don’t see in first person sounds difficult to implement due to the way the game renders objects

well 4.0 will be different. so we can hope it will work.

How does the game (which hasnt come out yet) render objects then? Unless UE4 forces every game to render the exact same way I dont think any of us know.

Also in devlog 1 it showed off rotating 3rd person. Thats just a admin tool right? Because thats the only thing im genuinely worried about

That is hopefully just a way just to show off featutes.

bruh, thats cool. pretty much every game with third person has that, EXCEPT UNTURNED. no need to worry, cause every game does it already. its basically unturneds freelook except in 3rd person.

Are you saying its a good thing? Also I dont really know of any pvp games that use 3rd person freelook

gta v does. Pretty sure nelson got the freelook from a BR game. Ghost Recon WIldlands does it, Pretty sure pubg might do it. Not gonna list every other game though

  • Friday The 13th does it

  • fallout 4 does it.

  • ect, ect

and its a nice thing to have, because you can look at how your character looks without going in your inventory.

so yes, it is a good thing to have.

1 more thing, unturned 4.x IS NOT going to be a pvp based game.

The point is not that third person is OP, the point is that it creates a game mechanic situation where people (specially defenders) are able to peak behind corners, and that in terms of cqc fights just sucks becaus you will be able to check behind walls without showing yourself at all.

Allowing everyone to do it doesn’t deny the fact that it’s a shitty gameplay feature. That’s my opinion.


Its not actually a bad feature, you can still peek around a corner relatively easily without being spotted in first person. third person is just to give a different view of the world than stuck in first person and having your gun in your face.