4.0 Autogenerated interiors for editor

When you make a map I think nelson should make a module that you can place on structures that automatically spawns furniture. He could either have presets for each building or have a random generator. This would speed up decorating houses so you can spend your time on more important things.

Wrote on phone so I did not care about grammar.


Like this?

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That picture explains nothing. You should probably get one with the description of what that “Buildings” section has to offer (i.e. Nelson mentioning tools for quickly decorating interiors of buildings)

To clarify: it’s actually not a picture, it’s a Trello card.

  • tools to randomly detail interiors
  • random structure variations such as color and layout
  • doors in all doorways
  • smashable or smashed glass in all windows

Shame on me for not clicking it. I never knew Trello cards could be hyperlinked. It certainly didn’t help that the forum didn’t show that there was even a link within that comment, as it usually does.

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