4.0 Character/Overall Design

Will the character design in 4.0 be the same or similar to 3.0? Same with zombies. Will Unturned keep the same overall design lower poly design than most open world survival games?


Personally, I hope that if nothing else the player/zombie models are skinnier (by default, if you want it EXTRA THICC that’s your deal).


Hopefully it will be the same. The player model remained the same in all 3 versions (1.0’s model is just faceless and a bit lower in poly, but still)

Includes zombies and animals too.

I just hope the FOV is like in 2.0 so for the sake of everyone’s convenience the arms should appear skinnier.


Relatively sure that the general idea has been to keep them the same, or at most skinnier.

I assume that Nelson will/has considered a method of customizing height and such, but the options available probably wouldn’t be too major. Not much room for height, at least.


Unturneds arm size and derpiness in cars is one of my biggest problems with modding

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I’m not sure, I quite like the current design as it is, maybe a bit more customization would be nice. Or maybe slight changes as you increase skills, e.g. slightly more muscular like the Mega as you Increase strength skills.

He mentioned he might do 4.0 in firewatch graphics, soo…

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