4.0 Drug overdose

When you use some medical items (Like pills, or syringes) too many times in a short amount of time, the player will get an overdose effect. This effect would give players some debuffs. It would depend on the difficulty of the game as well as how many times the player took the drug and which drug they used (Some drugs would have a stronger effects than others.).

What do you think drug overdose should do to the player:

  • Health loss
  • Immunity loss
  • Hallucinations
  • Slower Movement (speed, jumping, swimming)
  • Saturation loss
  • Hydration loss
  • Accuracy loss

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I didn’t know how to balance it well, so if you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to write them in the comments.

Morphine is a really useless item (in Unturned 3). Why nerf it more? :frowning: That’s 60 immunity loss in 10 minutes (if using Morphine or Adrenaline), if not more due to virus kicking in at 50% immunity. You can’t even heal out of it either in most cases, since you’d be likely to just overdose again. :thinking: You’d also be stuck at 50% health for ten minutes, which means you can be one-shot quite easily.

Would nerf the suggestion a bit. Bit overkill. I feel like this is a feature that could be implemented into Unturned 3, though. I’m not sure of anything that would restrict it to Unturned 4.x, since it’s basically like an immunity-version of water gain capping at food.

Speaking of which, water gain being capped by your food gain makes also makes it more difficult to stay hydrated, unless you have a continuous supply of clean water.

People spam dressings more than vaccines/adrenaline (in Unturned 3). I would consider making a nerf to generic medical items before the more specialized items.

EDIT: Overdosing is a cool concept, but I think the implementation would need some more refining.


I changed the post a little bit. Let’s not talk about balancing for now, but rather about the concept itself. I decided it would be best for the community to choose how they’d like this to work.
Ps. Thank you for your opinion MoltonMontro, you have a point!

@Captain.Stars didn’t leave a reply about their own thoughts, but I think I’d have to agree with them based on poll results. Kinda wish hallucinations in general had more unique effects, or became a more solidified mechanic. Accuracy loss is a maybe for me, since some hallucinations already make aiming more difficult, but I checked it anyways.

I think hallucinations would make a lot of sense though, and it’d work with a fair portion of the original suggestion too, if that was the way the idea was to be implemented.

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Would be nice to also have an ‘Addiction’ effect, which have a chance to be inflicted on you for a long period of time after consuming the same drug within a limited time span.

The effect includes:

  • 25% increased effect to addicted item
  • -25% decreased effect of all consumables

You cannot replace the current addiction of a certain drug as only the hallucination effect will take place if you try to eat another one to somehow ‘sedate’ it. Maybe the effect lasts 10-20 minutes

Possible ‘addictive’ items:

  • Painkillers
  • Morphine
  • Adrenaline
  • Antibiotics
  • All berries and crushed variants (Crushed will have reduced chance?)
  • Vitamins/Tablets/Cough Syrup???

If Nelson is crazy enough, he could make us get addicted to medkits or bloodbags


Addiction to blood transfusion sounds terrifying.


Let’s not discuss about the addiction of using splints :sweat:


I’m going to post this first because frankly it seems obligatory.

E _ E

also god no please no medkit/bloodbag addictions i’m pretty sure people don’t get addicted to blood

Thank you for your suggestion Yarrrr. Addiction sounds like an interesting concept that could go well with my drug overdose idea.

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