4.0 huge map 4x times russ/ger

well i have already worte about the game that i want to play with… the huge map with 4/5/6… fac that fight and make allys and things… but only in vanilla.
someone told me it can be only in 4.0 bec of the lags but guys i want to know if im not alone in this and if we can play on a map like orgon +3 i think… that workshop one.
thanks for reading :smiley:

someone already tried to make one…

…it didnt go well.

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I would love to see a very large map in 4.0, but only if the game can handle it. Besides, if we did see an “Insane” sized map, I would want to new location. Maybe even a made up location, so details don’t have to be held to the real life counterpart.

there is a workshop one that is working

i dont want real life place… i want a good huge vanilla map so i can play as i worte :slight_smile:

There were a lot of amazing maps in this size…

But they are old and “dead”

New maps in this size are… wrong and empty. Propably the best map in this size I seen is Smiley Land (Interresting terrain, a lot of variety, not repetetive, a lot of interresting places)

im talking about a map for 48 ppl alawys online… a wap with huge factions and raidign and pvp. and most important, vanilla

It’s going to be impossible to have 48 dedicated players online all the time.

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this is why im talking about 4.0

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