4.0 Map Ideas!

Post you’re Map ideas here.


I don’t want to encourage just bringing back all the current maps, but man… PEI with a remastered glory! I’d love to see PEI redone from scratch without borrowing any heightmaps.

Let it be a good development test map. Polish core mechanics and new concepts off of it, and let it change and evolve based on community feedback and new content. Letting feedback start on a real map would help with designing future maps.

Aside from nostalgia and returning PEI to its holy throne, I don’t have too many reasons for it. It has water? Ehh…? EHH!?

So I guess an alternative way to go about this is to suggest environmental concepts instead of specific locations, or cool map assets, or map-gameplay design.

Make the maps encourage synergy between other features. Maybe those fridges and ovens function as a way to prevent food from rotting(?) and as a way to cook food when powered. Maybe this sp00py alleyway that leads to a dead-end is not a good place to get cornered by zambies, nor is that really high spot over there… :arrow_heading_up: Maybe some pallets are stacked up real nicely in this spot here that it could actually be a good spot to shoot people with a BB gun from! :open_mouth:


Bringing back the Canada map, or at least a part of it would be nice. I know Nelson doesn’t want to bring it back for 3.0 but I wonder what he would say about a revised Canada map for 4.x


Canada could be a misc map.

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If Insane sized maps work in 4.0 i would love one that is similar to Russia in the loot tier system but also has a lot of different locations and Bi oms to Explore.


I would like to see maps at exotic places like the Sahara desert It’s not all sand dunes there, there are savannas, rocky areas, even lakes and two rivers! A nice survival based map where it’s the opposite of Yukon! Survive the heat! Not to mention that beneath the sand, there lies aquifers! Which means… who knows… perhaps some people wen’t there to hide… or research in peace…

Seeing a map with a true archipelago! Set in the Oceana region is one such place! Could easily be a vary large map and not lag everyone to bits! Here we could have many remote locations, hidden areas! Perhaps here you can see how this region slowly reacted to the outbreak… from newspapers about, heavy boarding of areas (face it, zombies would not spread fast there). Perfect for NPC’s and basing.

I’m rambling, don’t worry I’ll come back here with more sensible words…


im trying to make one, but i would be interested in seeing a brazil map (maybe in Rio?).

also, italy is a map i wanted lately…so why not?


I would love some more exotic locations as well, maybe a Jungle/Rainforest that would tie into that Archipelago idea. Maybe with proper underwater locations with marine life. Probably a bit of a stretch but a Jungle filled with animals would be amazing.


i’d like to see a sahara/savannah map maybe south africa , with tribes hut and stuff , guns like mag 7 ,or a UK map would be interessting aswell , also what i’ve seen now , PEI is canada and yukon aswell (NA) and washington usa , we’ve got germany , and russia , are we getting an asia map next ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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My Map Ideas

Sink Hole

I think it would be really cool if there was a map with a sink whole type thing with trees falling into it and spikey ground around it and at the bottom there is just metal scrap for days and mabey some broken mining machines like the massive diging machine (AKA Digger) and mabey some intresting back story about why the sink whole happend were something was “uncovered” :scream:


Personally i would love to see PEI again but instead of porting or using heightmaps i’d love Nelson to make it from Scratch and it would be great if it was bigger and better including more towns etc.


A Paris Map ! ( France Map ) for the continuation of the Unturned Story ! With an Eiffel tower , some New type of street and GIGN Npc’s safezone in the Élysées Palace !

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So a Paris map or a France map ? It’s not the same thing.

I prefer a Paris Map !

I’d like to see a desert map. (Sahara/Mojave/Victoria/etc.)
It could replace Yukon with it’s difficulty caused by fast dehydration, sandstorms, and lack of trees.
I think it should have seldom, mainly small locations and very few sources of water. To my mind It’d be more interesting than Yukon where you can’t see where you going and unable to stay outside longer than 30 seconds.

If you check the Unturned workshop , his is a Japan Map with exclusive place !

What comes to mind when I think of a perfect Zombie Game map is something like Chernarus from Dayz (Arma 2 mod not standalone :yum:) and a few supplementary mechanics.

  • Large, dense, albeit few cities and towns

  • Loads of wilderness with fluff locations to keep it interesting

  • Different areas (In terms of common loot you can find) are far away from eachother, making travel a necessity for some loot.

  • Water travel would still be viable

  • Lots of Civilian loot, sparse Ranger loot, and rare Military loot (Or whatever combination for where the map takes place), in a Ten Percent Law fashion, where for every 10,000 items you find, 9,000 will be common, 1,000 uncommon, 100 rare, 10 epic, and 1 Legendary, making guns and other high-value items worth a lot no matter what it is. Even that Sportshot you love to hate would be your most prized possession early on in a server.


believe me, theres already an team doing it, and it has been accepted.

Any map that is larger than large and smaller than insane, has a good atmosphere, buildings and objects are broken down to give the feels of zombie apocalypse, the main city(if any) is completely f*cked up, smoke and ashes everywhere, graffiti everywhere etc. Maybe Nelson should take a look at some of the nice workshop maps and gain ideas.

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Agreed @Mr.Rawr