4.0 NPC quests should be less "fetch quests" and have more depth

Because most of the current quests are a bit generic and linear. For example of what I mean, here is what a current Unturned quest looks like:

Dillan is complaining of a bad headache, he needs Tylenol.
Find 0/1 Tylenol

This is what my ideal quest would look like:

Dillan is a complaining of a bad headache
Help Dillan get rid of his headache

The lower example is a funner quest to do, because instead of the player instantly knowing to go to the pharmacy, the player has to think “Maybe I have to search the hospital or the pharmacy for medicine?” There is more mystery and thinking involved, making the quests more interesting.

Another thing I’d like to see is more than one way to do and complete a quest. Take the Russia quest where you bake T.Rickster a cake for example, You should be able to (without the game telling you about it) report to the police chief of the liberator, where you complete the quest and get a different reward. This is better than the linear single ending quests we have now because they add replayability.


I wish it was like Fallout. Great depth and has many options usually karma/reputation related.


I haven’t played much of fallout, but I do agree the reputation and quest system needs more depth. It at the very least should be less black and white. Instead of being either “evil” or “good”, reputation should be relative to the type of NPC it is and their relation to other NPCs. For example, completing a quest for a “good” NPC would higher reputation for all good NPCs but lower it for “bad”, rival faction NPCs.


That sounds nice, I support it!

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I agree with the others that Fallout like NPCs would be great. (preferebly Interplay’s/Black Isle’s/Obsidian’s, but please not like in 4) They’d look more alive and it’d be cool them having conflicts. I’d also like reputation system from New Vegas (If you’re too lazy to google, basicly it’s different in every faction, if you’re hero for faction “A”, you’re villian for faction “B”). I hate tem standing all the time in one place and doing nothing, they really should have a life.
P. S. Don’t tell Nelson what happens to Canada in the Fallout lore.

Don’t tell Nelson what happens to Canada in the Fallout lore.

the US annexes canada in 2076


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In Unturned lore it’s the other way around!


In Unturned lore it’s the other way around!

other way around!

canada annexes usa in 6702 in unturned confirmed


[Leaked] Unturned 4.0 pre-alpha screenshots:
View on Seattle

School in Seattle
Seattle PD and FDSeattle 3
Olympia Military Base
Paradise Point
Kent Raceway
I hope you’re proud of yourself now!


i didn’t get it for a second but that’s brilliant


It would be brilliant if you made a futuristic map where that happens

Fojes made one hahaha, 4.0 NPC quests should be less "fetch quests" and have more depth


Now that you point that out I’m getting upset because I’m used to the American flags on that map and it’s messing with my mind.


Press “F” to pay respects.

inb4 we get a canada version of washington with canadian loot instead of american and the ranger loot on the map is actually american because canada drove back the military

Wow Who took over washington state?

Canada. It was Canada.

Hopefully the NPC`s in 4.0 actually move.

Unlikely due to time and resources needed to function in contrast to what they’ll offer, but possible.

I really like the idea of the quests objective being vague, if that were to be the only change to quests and we didnt get the different outcomes as suggested Id be fine with it to an extent.