4.0 system requirements


What will be the minimum system requirements for 4.0? I absolutely love Unturned I have 1200+ hours plus I have purchased gold and I get on average 20fps because of my computer. Because of my low FPS I am worried 4.0 will be unplayable.


There has been multiple promises for 4.0 to be far more optimized than 3.0, so if anything you should have higher FPS in 4.0


Hope it runs good in 3,20 Ram :sweat_smile:

PD:God***** Maduro :angry:


Eh I wouln’t expect much if you don’t even have 4 gb


While he tries to aim for some good FPS for low end PCs, don’t expect your very low end old rig to run any good

unless Nelson is a wizard


you never know


Nelson says he is always trying to make his code better. But we don’t know the system requirements


I’d assume it’d run a lot better on most hardware, but if you have super low system specs, there’s a good chance it’ll run worse due to the higher poly design.


By my experience, unreal runs much better on higher power machines compared to unity, but it has some major issues when running on very-low spec machines.

I’d take this into account:
If you can run fortnite, you’ll probably be able to run unturned, although likely at less fps


I would consider Unturned 3.0 requires you to load all textures, models, etc. While 4.0 can have an on-demand type of system (I assume) which would definitely take up less RAM


lol define " low-end " here


anything that’s about the same as 3.0’s specified minimum requirements in the store page (Something like 4gb ram and 2ghz processor, not sure what else cause I aint a tech guy).

Pretty much anything above a school laptop or some cheap PC a parent would buy. Not those old stuff or something that is only good for web browsing or running basic stuff


I don’t think that it’s gona work


I would assume that it would be more optimized