4.x Bug Testing on the horizon

Hello Everyone!

Its ya boi NarcolepticHound comin at y'all to remind the people of SDG Forums to post all you can about errors and bugs you find in the alpha testing branch when it comes out!

If the bugs are actively looked for, the state of the game improves.
Just because you aren’t Nelson does not mean you cannot contribute or make a difference… remember that.

How to provide good feedback.

In order to make your feedback effective as possible when others read your forum post, make sure to;
  • State what the bug is
  • Always make sure you are right to the point, don’t ramble
  • Layout how this happened, what is the cause of it if you know
  • Take time to cooperate with others

Remember the acronym SALT

If you are new to posting on the forums, or need a refresher I would like to recommend an excellent guide, shout out to @GreatHeroJ for his contribution to the community! :wink:

Thats all folks, lets make 4.x a good one together!


Make Unturned Great Again


I am salt.

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“I glitched under the map fix it”


Lmao, try not to do that

“How to get infinite ammo in Unturned 4! [NO CLICKBAIT]”