4.x Car Overhaul - A big suggestion

Hello everyone, I am making this post about a necesary overhaul for 4.0, regarding cars.

  • Suspension Physics

At the moment, in Unturned 3.0, the car suspension works like all 4 wheels of the car work like a big, very soft spring that is always making your car bounce, especially when offroading.
In 4.x I would like to see all cars having a fully independent suspension, that makes each wheel react independently to the surface where you are driving. Example:

Also, to make the driving gameplay a bit more varied and aunthetic, some cars should have softer or stiffer suspensions. A normal hatchback would have a soft suspension, that gives its slow steering feel, a lot of body roll and it’s controllable nature. On the other side, a supercar like the Legareno will have a stiff suspension that keeps the car tight on corners, with a fast steering that without assists will get you sideways easily.

  • Gear Shifting and Driving Assists

Gear shifting would be an awesome adittion to Unturned, it would make acceleration more progressive, it would be an opportunity for improving the car audio a lot and would be pretty simple:
Your car HUD will have a rev counter and each car has (or not) a different redline (rev that you have to shift), and when you hit redline you press (maybe) the [E] key to upshift or the [Q] key to downshift.
Obviously, not everyone knows how to use a manual gearbox so I think in the options/controls menu you should be able to change your gearbox type into an automatic one.
Other assist that should exist is the TCS (Traction Control System) that makes your car way less prone to drifting and is helpful when you are driving a very uncontrollable car like a 70’s muscle car.

  • Drifting

Everyone suggests it, it’s obviously drifting. And yeah, it should exist in the game, but I think some things should be clear:

  1. Front Wheel Drive cars can’t hold a drift, even tough if you use the handbrake you can get them sideways.
  2. All cars will drift in snow, ice and dirt, unless they are equipped with offroad tyres.
  3. To hold a drift, you need to countersteer, or you will spin out. Basically, when going sideways, steer the opposite way to the side you are leaning to.

I just hope drifting in Unturned is relatively easy, yet not stupidly unrealistic and dumb like in NFS.

  • Car Modifications

Just like you can customize your gun with attachments, I think you should be able to change your car’s parts. There should exist 2 types of modifications to do:

  1. Performance Mods

Modifications that improve your car’s performance, can be found in mechanic shops, gas stations and scrapyards/junkyards. Some cars can’t have modifications, or can’t have some of them, just like an Avenger can’t have a sight equipped.
Some mods should be:

Adjustable Suspension - You can make the your car ride higher or lower. A lower ride gives you more grip on road and a faster acceleration, yet it makes offroading way harder. A higher ride helps a lot when offroading but doesn’t help you much in the tarmac.
With this suspension you could also maybe change the stiffness of the car.

Different Tires - You can find different types of tires: street (basic tires, decent grip in tarmac and meh grip on dirt/snow), sport (sport tires, good grip in tarmac, horrendous grip offroad) and offroad (dirt and snow tires, give you decent grip on offroad surfaces and kind of bad grip in tarmac). For drifting it’s recommended to use the street tires.

Other mods could be added like engine swaps, exhausts, adding a turbo, etc…

  1. Visual Mods

Pretty seft explanatory, modifications that don’t affect your car’s driveability but only change the car’s visual appearence.
I think spoilers, foglights, splitters, hood scoops, etc… could be added, and maybe some of them could (possibly) be craftable.
Also, the fact you can add visual mods could give and awesome opportunity for modders, if workshop gets implemented in 4.0, to make some nice looking bodykits or anything else.

  • Final Miscellaneous Stuff

Particle Effects - When going offroad, I think your car should kick up some dirt, that creates some kind of fog, that dissipates pretty fast and when sliding or drifting your tires will make some white/grey smoke that works pretty much the same way as dirt.

Vehicle Damage - I’m not asking for something like Beam.NG Drive or NFS, just some basic damage, that when you ram your car at 60mph into a wall you will lose your headlighs, damage your car and maybe lose your front bumper. And I also think that car accidents should, apart from hurting the car, it should hurt the people who are inside the car.

Well, I think it’s a pretty long post, so I’ll stop here, and obviously, I hope you can give me some feedback and constructive critiscism in the comments below.


I think, it’s an good idea, but to complicated. Drifting and different wheels are a good idea, but supenisons… also the visual mods are only complex things and so they arent a good idea. I would like particles, but vehicle damage is nothing for the Unturned style.

please look for other threads before making a new one. these ideas are already considered

I did look out for them, why do you even bother to ask that? I made this post because I thought it was a relevant subject to talk about and most posts that exist about such subject are often too superficial like “we need better physics” or “drifting would be cool”

I agree with what you said about visual mods, they are not an essential thing, just a cool thing that could be added later into development if Nelson finds it a good idea.
And seriously… you talk about suspension like it’s a monster. What I verbalised as a “suspension rework” is, in practice what people usually refer as “better car physics”.
Cars now feel like a wierd boat on wheels because of their badly done suspension physics that when they get in contact with offroad terrain react in a non-car way to the pavement.

Please rephrase this.

I like the idea of different types of wheels but what if the wheels have an duration of stay.
What if the wheel could break after a long period of time and 10% whells are going to slow you.
I dont know id you will must find a new ones or just repear them.
And with that i would like to overhaul a blowtorch.

Ok, let me see if you understand.
In 3.0 a car going in an offroad path will bounce on a floor because it’s suspension mechanics act the same way on all wheels. This way, if you hit a bump, your car will bounce up (because all wheels react the same way to the bump) and when you bounce down the car will keep wiggling because of the suspension’s softness.
What I request for 4.x is that each wheel reacts independently to any type of irregularity on your path (eg. a sidewalk on a city) and this way, giving a more pleasent, more realistic and easier to drive car. And also fixing the wierd rubberbanding issue when you are driving up a hill and you clip into the floor.

Okay thanks, I was just a little bit confused by what you meant by cars reacting to pavement while on off-road terrain.

No problem, the idea is pretty intuitive but it’s hard to explain it with proper words. And my English doesn’t help…

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