4.x (?) FN FAL in my Unturned

I’ve been messing around with random IDs in Unturned and I somehow spawned myself what seems to be a 4.x-style FN FAL. Like… OK?

There’s more detail than 3.x so it is safe to assume it is 4.x and it doesn’t belong in these files. :confused:
Remove it I guess.

Uploaded the image on Steam because my internet is SHIT.


You…are a DICK

Holy shit, Nelson really upped his game with teasing us

Yeah, really looking forward for 4.x testing!

i stg if someone falls for that :weary:


Throws PC across room

Other people already have. You can try the ID yourself it is 55035. :^]

I thought it was 4000?

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Did you update your Unturned?

this is actually some of the dumbest bullshit i’ve ever seen

i now wish death to someone

:^[ You make me sad.

Hecking S H O O K

I wanna see an FNC.

It looks surprisingly neat :weary::ok_hand:

I think it is just to detailed but beside that it looks fine