4 YO cake day on r/Unturned

Today is my 4 Year Reddit old cake day!
That means that i joined r/unturned and r/memes for 4 years ago!
(Not gonna lie, kinda proud)!
Just wanted to share with you.



HAPPY :blush: CAKEDAY :cake: BRO!!! :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::weary::laughing: Its time :clock1130: to get LIT :fire: for your special :point_right::sunglasses::point_left: CAKEDAY :tada: :tada: :tada:! COOL :sunglasses: DUDE :muscle:! HAVE A HAPPY CAKEDAY :tada: :tada: :tada: don’t forget :triumph::triumph: to POST CAKEDAY MEMES :cake::yum: or your other CAKEDAY POST :grinning: :hugs: :kissing_closed_eyes: because today you are the MAN :cowboy_hat_face::smirk::drooling_face:


im so fucking proud of you cries

bro want some reddit gold bro?


guys I have found the kind stranger???


nah its not me, the kind stranger is actually nelson, every single piece of reddit gold was given out by nelson.

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Why dosnt he give out unturned gold then? :scream::scream:

edit: thanks kind stranger for the unturned gold!!! I would like to thank my mother for my wonderful upbringing and my brothers for support!!! unturned gold changed my life thank kind stranger!! Also thanks to all my teachers!!!

Plebbitors git out
EDIT: Holy shit that is actually a good meme

NTA Unturned clearly is a bad game

What about your father?

edit: thanks for the platinum!!! I like to thank my father and gbrandparent for helping to get platim

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