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I’ve played Unturned for a really long time now, and everyone can notice that Unturned 3x is dying. I know that you still maintain it and try to find new things for 3x. But maybe you should just leave 3x alone and fully focus on 4x. Then it would be here faster and also more people would come, and that will get you even more motivated!

If you focus on 4x, you can make it better, you will have even more unique ideas! Because it would be better to add the things that you think of for 3x, to 4x. It would feel way newer and way bigger and the people would get way more fun!

I know that I’m not the only one who thinks this, so maybe consider it.

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Nelson is already focusing on U4 and basically always has been since the start of its development (with rare exceptions to keep it playable). :man_shrugging:


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Well… its dying but very slowly, the player base has definitely dropped though

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A TON of people will be coming back when 4x releases, it’s just better for the game. They care more about 4x than 3x.

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Well, if there wouldn’t be any new updates, then there wouldn’t be any new bugs right?

That’s not how that works, nor do I see how that’s relevant.

Nelson is not actively updating Unturned (version 3) with new content. He’s made patches that fix bugs and exploits, but has not actually added much content himself. He’s focusing on Unturned II, except when he has to fix stuff going on in U3 because of exploits or optimization issues or needing to help get a new curated thing through properly.

People are exploiting the game. Exploits can happen regardless of an update, and is typically easier the longer code is unmaintained.

@Pork I worded my original post poorly and didn’t clarify enough on this, but: the focus is still Unturned II. He’s not actually adding content to the game; he’s just fixing it when things breaks. I can’t fault Nelson for keeping U3 playable, although it does definitely subtract from U4’s development when it is an issue. June–July is a good example of that lost development time.

@The_Amazing_fish Depends on what you’re looking at. The playerbase has been pretty consistent all year, although it is lower than 2017 (when Unturned received most of its major updates). It follows the trends of other survival games too.


Well true, there are always new things popping up.

I can imagine that it would be pretty annoying for him to see new bugs and stuff pop up.

Not desirable at all. He’s working on Cars in U4 atm though, and hopefully some of that can be shown off in the future. This week has been a bit busy I’d imagine, with France coming so soon.


The focus is already on unturned 4.x.

it kinda worked like that for dayz /s

it’s already doing it, the only updates of 3.x in recent times was to fix bugs and security against cheaters, as well as things like commands.

It sucks that since now your so important Nelson has made you truly ego boosted. Now the world will end because we will get fiery spoilers about half life 3

This is the sort of comment memers make. So enjoy this 5 times in a lifetime occurrence.

I do agreed with the fact that we should focused with U4. At least until it’s finished.

Although, completely ditching Unturned 3 even after U4’s completion is somewhat concerning both me and some individuals that’s working for something-unofficial in 3.0.

That’s just in my opinion though.

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Well, Nelson wasn’t working with 2x when 3x was released too I assume.


I’m pretty sure he continued to work on unturned 2 until 3 became the completely main game. And needed his whole attention

Ah yes, the “‘Fix’ this bug and pretend I didn’t just make 15 more” approach to game development.

3.0 was originally meant to be an update to 2.0.

4.0 is a different game with a different focus.


I think he means that Nelson wasn’t working at two games at the same time when 3.0 came out

Bruh he was literally explaining why he hadn’t been working on both of them