5 shocking facts about unturned

Prepare yourself for 5 extremely shocking facts about unturned

Number one

The Forest Beret has the description: ‘Bill’s.’
This referred to the left4dead character Bill who wore his beret at all time.

*Source https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM7uy5UzzIV8oai9wELJIgg

Number two

Did you know that if you take away the battery in a vehicle in unturned that you will still get the animation of flying (propellors rotating) but you don’t move?

Number three

Did you know that Nelson didn’t make Unturned? Even tho everybody says so. But it isn’t true.
Steam thinks otherwise. When on the steam platform, you can go to the unturned store page.
When there. steam tells you that the developer AND publisher is ‘Smartly dressed games.’
If I am not mistaken I do not see Nelson’s name anywhere. So that means that he didn’t create the game!

Number four

Did you know that the unturned logo is just a picture from google?

Number five

While staying on the topic of the unturned logo.
Did you know that if you zoom in to the Ali-A intro that you can see a small version of the unturned logo?


Those are shocking and all… but the real question is.

How does the game dressed itself so smartly?




I used to love wolves until I saw that image.

JK, I have no idea if thats a wolf or not.

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You mean, you haven’t looked up “Wolf” in Deviantart yet?

Don’t make me call the @anon95004049 on you!

I dont want to ruin my eyes. Or actually ruin how much I like wolves, even if they’re mean little suckers.

Number 15, Big J foot lettuce

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Stay away from furries at all costs

source: am one

It’s a taxidermy wolf probably i found it when browsing through r/furry_irl (HMMMM)

r u okimage

ehh, Im around them a lot anyways. its not exactly the furries I’m worried about. Its the other cringy bs.

Don’t look up the stuff in HERE V if you value your innocence, alright?

The things that should NEVER see the light of day

(Horrifying) foot fetishes
Fat fetishes.
TF fetishes
some other weird bs
and all the other horrors.

Furries are the least of my problems lad.

…i was joking about avoiding furries
i already know what all those things that dont see the light of day are anyways

@Sirba no not really

I UndErSt0od Th@T


When you’re out of ideas, but you put suprise at the end. Unistalling unturned