5 things 3.0 needs before 4.0 comes out

  1. OPTIMAZOTION (at least make it more stable for the toasters)

  2. better driving physics (at least make it so vehicles don’t go flying when you take them offroad)

  3. better zombie pathfinding (they can leave their little bubbles)

  4. better animations! (for guns, other items, and character movement)

  5. official servers

I understand that 4.0 will have all of these, but just at least add a couple of these to 3.0 before 4.0 “replaces” it

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This is all I really look forward to!

I’m pretty sure most of those are being added to Unturned 3 before 4.x’s release.

  1. Doubt. Most optimization at this point requires rewriting the framework of the game. This is what 4.x basically is. It’d be redundant to recreate Unturned 3 while creating 4.x.
  2. I wouldn’t mind that vehicle rework in general at some point, which would most likely happen when Nelson works on vehicles for 4.x and starts trying out ideas on the guinea pig Unturned 3 is. However, I don’t think they’re going to become any less volatile.
  3. Worldwide pathfinding is not possible for Unturned 3 at all currently.
  4. Tbh I doubt Nelson would redo any of the animations, and if he did he’d have several hundred items to manually update them for. There’s no reason for him too, unless he just felt like giving some melee weapons more unique power attacks.
  5. Official servers seem unlikely for Unturned 3, and more so if most people are going to migrate to 4.x either way, which has its own official servers too.

I guess you do have a point, but some things can at least be tested in 3.0 for feedback.

yeah, the games need “OPTIMAZOTION” lol i understand my english is not perfect because i am from argentina but Really what is Optimazotion?

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it’s a joke… I know how to spell optimization, but it’s a inside joke about how most of the community says “OPTIMAZOSTION”