5000 Hours of Fun, Bugs and Inconsistency

5000 Hours of Fun, Bugs and Inconsistency

Oh Unturned, my love hate relationship. Today marks my five thousand, two hundred and twenty seventh hour playing unturned.

I’m aware I have no life, however I thought I’d put in my two cents on my issues and why Unturned can be un-fun in an attempt to hopefully get fixed. I’m also aware this is a large post with topics of varying scopes of work, however I still believe that some of these issues should be addressed (specifically the bugs and visual inconsistencies)


Bugs come and go, but some seem to stay around. here’s a few I’ve noticed that seem to stick around or have been recent:

  • Placing beds on vehicles

This glitch has been around ever since helicopters have been added and a few videos show how to replicate this glitch. This simple glitch means that making skybases is much, much easier to create on ANY server with the ability to /home (I’d say around 95% of current Unturned servers have /home). I feel like the majority of people I play with are aware of this glitch and I see plate skybases in almost every large server i play in.

NOTE: There is also another way of building skybases on helicopters/vehicles, however this one is much less known and uses a completely different mechanic (which should be easier to fix). However, just in case these bugs aren’t fixed, I don’t want a different and easier way of building skybases to be known to the community. I will gladly share this exploit with someone who might be able to do something. (or should I send an email to Mr Nelson? Idk)
I also only posted this video because a lot of people know how to use this glitch, whereas the other not so much.

  • Jet related bugs

Jets seem to be notorious for bugs, however if you are in a jet, holding full auto when your jet dies, you will be stuck zooming in and shooting until you hop out or the jet blows up

Another bug that I cannot for the life of my find out how it happens includes using the chat function while in a jet will sometimes cause you to not be able to fly correctly (it seems similar to the one just fixed with equipping weapons while in the drivers seat). Ill attempt to get more info and see whether it still occurs

  • Getting stuck on ledges

This is a new one, but im sure many of you have found whilst sprinting off a ledge (such as of a building), youll get stuck on it and cant seem to fall off. You have to stop and re-sprint. Cannot seem to replicate, however happens relatively often will attempt to find more information

  • HUD Visual glitches

When equipping a gun of the same type with different attachments, your little icon in the middle bottom of the screen will not update to your new gun.

  • Fire boss zombie sounds

If you’ve ever played on a slightly modified server that allows fire boss zombies to spawn naturally, you would have noticed that when they breath fire, you can here it from MILES away (as long as they are rendered in for you). It appears that the sound doesn’t seem to have a range decay factor

  • The large plane has a hole in it!
  • Arrows seem to loose durability (even on no durability/easy servers)

Unsure whether this is intentional, but when you shoot arrows, they always seem to loose durability?

  • Explosive damage vs trees

Explosive arrows and bullets seem to have an absurdly high damage value to trees. What deals 12 damage to me kills a tree instantly, and only when hit in the right spot (the stump). Anything other than this will reduce the damage dramatically. Again unsure as to whether this is intentional/fixable

  • Nailgun

The nailgun doesn’t spawn in with a full 20 magazine, only 15/20 :c

  • Planes using battery

In a previous update, jets used battery when sitting idle, however recently I’ve noticed that all planes are now doing this, specifically, the sandpiper and the otter. I have yet to check the annushka. Nelson plz fix

  • Fences and barbed wire

You cannot repair broken fences and barbed wire. I am unsure as to whether this is intentional, but when i spend all that scrap on a fence, i want to be able to repair it


This maybe should have a post on its own. However, Unturned has MANY visual inconsistencies that (in my opinion) that are unbalanced and unintuitive.

  • Trees! - Basic Models versus Speedtrees

This one has been bothering me recently. I play on Russia, Washington and PEI servers, however the trees you choose to use massively impacts all pvp aspects of this game. In particular, your tree model chosen can increase or decrease visibility dramatically depending on the map your playing on.

The benefits are as follows:

PEI – basic models increase visibility dramatically

Washington – Speedtrees increase visibility dramatically

Russia – Basic models increase visibility moderately

I suggest only having one tree type as personally (I know this may not be true) I have not experienced noticeable FPS changes in relation to the tree type chosen and having this whole two tree visibility is simply bad design.
I would hope in a full release game that I shouldn’t have to reset my game every time I switch servers on a different map so I don’t die from someone who I cannot see.

Here are a few examples of why you might be dying unfairly (can you spot the mannequins?):

  • Green skins (60, 114, 59)

Ah the long-time debate of pay to win, and again recently I’ve noticed how blatantly overpowered being a greenskin is. In my opinion this needs to be removed. I suggest that you remove the ability to choose the entire green section, and simply block off the associated green values for this skin so that people cannot choose it.

Simply put, on any pvp server, I cannot afford to not be a greenskin because of how much a difference it makes. It’s the different between getting full gear with a pistol and dying 10 times in a row. See below:

Hint: Look in the bush

  • Multiple Characters

Im glad that nelson finally added the ability for server owners to disable multiple characters from one person. However, I believe that this should be removed as a whole. Being able to save basically a base within an unraidable character is in no way fair, fun or balanced. Im guilty of using this where I would log off characters with all my raiding gear so that if someone raided my base, they couldn’t chain raid (raid lockers and get more raiding gear). This makes base raiding essentially useless (to an extent). I believe this should be disabled on all servers and multiple characters should only be used to save different cosmetic loadouts (like they do)

  • ‘Off’ Scope quality

Having your scope quality on off is overpowered.

When you have your scope quality on anything other than off, there are two types of recoil visible:

  • 2D recoil (x and why axis) and;
  • 3D recoil (z axis)

2D recoil is simply the values in which your gun moves horizontally and vertically.

3D recoil is the movement of your gun and scope towards your screen when shooting. This 3d recoil moves your reticles off the centre of your screen slightly and can thus decrease your accuracy

Also, when scope quality is on, there is movement of the actual scope when falling/jumping and moving left to right
And when scope quality is reduced to the ‘off setting’, this 3D recoil and scope movement is non-existent

Lastly, similarly to binoculars, off scope quality simply puts an overlay on your screen that can be removed using the ‘home’ button on your keyboard. This essentially means that night-vision scopes can be abused to have night vision without the fluorescent glow:

  • Third person

This one bothers me but no real purpose here. I might make a separate one about this

  • Gun balance

Will make a separate post about this

  • Grass quality

Oh lord. I still believe this should be forced on low at least. I understand the Fps drops it makes but I feel like it adds beauty to the game that no one should ever see unless they are playing singleplayer. Honestly, I just don’t see why this is even an option if it puts you at a disadvantage.
But eh i feel like this has been mentioned before and doesnt affect the game nearly as much as scope quality, third person, greenskins or the trees.


Overall with these inconsistencies, it is highly unintuitive that you need to fully understand the graphical settings of the game to figure out: why you died from behind a tree branch, why you died because people essentially spawn with full ghillie, why people can jump and shoot so well because they have the right scope setting, why people can see you even though you are full ghillie hiding in grass.

All of these make it very hard for new people to play and thus there is a big difference between people who have these settings and haven’t got them. Thoughts?

Note: I am very passionate about this game and its features. I by no mean hate unturned, quite the opposite. However, in some points I may come across as hating the game, I just have some frustrations with it and this may be due to different views on the games or just because im very inexperienced with how making a game actually works


Yikes, that’s a lot of bugs that go unnoticed.


I’m on mobile at the moment, but several of the bugs listed are intentional, or seem to be a misunderstanding. I’ll look at the other bugs though, when I’m not on mobile. :slight_smile:


You should use the contact emails provided on the SDG website, if it’s not something that can be reported here nor on the GitHub repo.


Muchly appreciated Molton!

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Placing beds on vehicles has been removed in 2018?

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Yea, placing them attached to vehicles was removed. The bed placement you see in the video is a glitch (only occurs when spamming left click, as the option is only green for a split second) and is not bound to the actual vehicle, but instead is static and just sits, bound to the map.

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Thanks for your longtime support and the bug reports!

Spam-placing items on vehicles: you raise a good point about it being abusable to easily get a bed into the sky. My guess is that something isn’t reset between frames so a well-timed click allows it to be placed.

Exploit: feel free to email me nelson@smartlydressedgames.com.

Stuck shooting in dead jet: thanks for the video. I will get this fixed for the next patch.

Getting stuck on ledges: annoyingly Unity’s built-in character movement will sometimes decide to go through things, e.g. it was consistently repeatable through the military tent interiors. To prevent this the server checks to make sure your character didn’t go through anything, but sometimes there are false positives like on ledges. The best long-term solution is to replace the built-in movement with something custom for Unturned.

Hotbar attachments: thanks for the video. Will fix for the next patch.

Fire boss attenuation: thanks for the video. Will fix for the next patch.

Hole in the plane: probably same as getting stuck on ledges.

Arrow durability: this one is intentional because arrows and silencers are “balanced” around their durability.

Tree explosive damage: most of the weapons have different damage values for trees and players. Explosive damage falloff is calculated from the pivot point, so trees take a lot more damage from the stump. This should probably be updated, but I am not sure when yet.

Nailgun ammo: will fix.

Planes using battery when idle: will double-check.

Repair fences and barbed wire: off the top of my head it can be finicky because players can shoot through them, but the fences should be repairable on their poles at least.

Tree models: yeah… I have been thinking about simply removing the speedtrees for a while now. The inconsistencies and performance are not worth it

Green skin: made somewhat worse by the fact each map has different terrain colors, so it’s not like a single color can be disabled. Unturned II will only have yellow and real skin colors.

Scope sway: eventually I would like to fully mirror the movement in the scope overlay. This is one of the reasons Unturned II will not have dual-render scopes. https://github.com/SmartlyDressedGames/Unturned-3.x-Community/issues/1122

Foliage: the rendering performance for GPUs without instancing support is really bad. Maybe in a few years.


This is very epic, and I hope to see these bugs patched soon :>
Also f in the chat for speed trees as I really liked them and could run them well.

yes yes yes yes


yes yES YES YES-


It’s such a buggy game, but I still love it


I actually did not expect a reply from you! I highly appreciate you addressing these features and bugs!
Sometimes its hard to tell whats intended and whats a bug so i just thought I would put them down.

Skybases: I hope this is fixed xd
Fences: Just checked now, you cant repair them even at the poles :confused:
Tree models: Nu Keep speedtrees and remove basic models xd they look so much better.
Planes: Ive only experienced this on one server and cannot replicate this on singleplayer so maybe its not a bug idk.
Green skins: Thanks for adressing, however i still wish they would be removed
Scopes: Thanks for the help! Idk whether you will still respond, but is it intentional to be able to use the home button to get rid of the scope overlay? As was in the end of the scope video?
Foliage: Idrm about this

Again thanks anyway!

The main issue with speedtrees is just that they are not worth the performance hit for what you get most of the time. That being said I like speedtrees WAAAAAAAAYYYY more than the basic trees. For a compromise, I think re-styling the basic trees to look more like speedtrees (like what carpat did with their trees), would be the best idea, but I don’t know if that’s feasible with Nelson’s work schedule.


Rather Interesting find you got there. Good work.

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What are speed trees?

High quality tree make fan go vrrrrrt.

they are the new tree models that were added a while ago and they have like 10x more faces than a tank which makes them look good by themselves but put into a blocky unturned environment they look as out of place as a high poly gun mod from the workshop


one more achievement…

What do you mean

Oh yuck those killed my performance, always had to turn them off

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