7 days to die==Unturned II

7 days to die is a promising game with constant updates, it has everything the community wants and even more, I dare you to think of something that community wants that 7dtd doesn’t have.
I’m just a little surprised that this community doesn’t really play or pay attention to that game that much.

Unturned is goofy af what makes Unturned very flexible to play.

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I see 7 Days To Die as more of a realistic Minecraft but the entire point is zombies. Haven’t played the game in a couple years so I need to check out what the past few updates have added, but it is nowhere near a UII/bettter Unturned alternative to me.

I want Unturned with more detailed buildings and vastly improved mechanics and modding support. A voxel-based building system doesnt necessarily go entirely against my first desire, but it goes in a very different art style than expected from Unturned.

I don’t know how extensive mod support is for the game but I guess I want UII to be closer to Gmod in that aspect, especially with custom gamemode support.

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