A 4.0 Gun rarity and looting concept

I always see a lot of new gun-related suggestions wherever I browse for Unturned content, but once in a blue moon do I see a hastily-made post about revamping spawn pools and looting. Keep in mind this could also apply to melee items and tools, albeit to a lesser degree as this is meant to drastically crank up the difficulty of gunplay in Unturned 4.0.

First off, looting. It might just be me, but seeing an Eaglefire or Colt spawn on a couch or table is ridiculous, and I’d rather gun spawns be moved to: under beds, next to or in cabinets, and tucked away behind other small furniture. It’d really help bring back the harsh and gritty reality feel Nelson is gunning for by making such loot seem forgotten or abandoned in a rush to escape instead of just some dumb shmuck leaving it on the couch during a zombie apocalypse.

Second, reworking rarity will be a step in the right direction. By altering spawns and making even the worst of guns a sight for sore eyes, you essentially remove gunplay from the early stages of a character’s life. Not only that, but it’d make KoS a much rarer occurrence, due to a greater chance the gun or ammo you found probably aren’t the same type. Wanna loot around for compatible stuff? Tough luck, it’ll take days in-game to find anything worth keeping. Wanna trade your Maplestrike for my Zubek? And like magic, players will interact or kill eachother and take everything, but hey I’m an optimist :smiley:. As for rarities, I’d say that for every Hundred thousand guns found on a server (And yes that’s a big number, mainly because it’s the only one that works to get my point roughly across while covering every rarity), 90,000 be Common, 9,000 Uncommon, 900 Rare, 90 Epic, 9 Legendary, and a single Mythical.

If you’re agreeing with my inner consciousness and saying to yourself what the fuck 101, fear not, for I was just attempting to roughly explain exponential scaling. To a greater extent this is also inspired much by the Ecological ‘Ten Percent Rule’. It’s by no means a reasonable number but it works great as an explanation.


What about items hidden inside furniture, and it has to be broken down?
A good example is sometimes people hide gun safes behind mirrors and paintings.

Your numbers are simply off, and honestly don’t work that well to explain what you’re trying to say. Are you trying to say it should be near impossible to find anything better than a colt, and that players will have to survive on scraps for 90% of the game, before finally getting lucky and getting a good gun? Then allowing them to dominate the rest of the server?

I know you said you didn’t mean your numbers to be literal, but I figured I’d break them down anyways.

9 is 0.009% of 100,000. Those odds decrease IMMENSELY once you factor in the number of spawns and how many have a legendary weapon in them, and then also factor in the chance for a legendary weapon to spawn. This doesn’t even include the chance you will or won’t find a magazine.

We’re looking at stupidly low odds. And mythical items straight up shouldn’t exist (besides vehicles).

Thinking that KOS will drop because items are rarer doesn’t work, either. Look at Yukon and Greece, of which are two maps that have civilian weapons as their main focus (with Greece having more weapons and raiding supplies, but mostly in deadzones). People kill one another even to get a hawkhound. A freshspawn with nothing to loose is generally more than happy to sneak up and punch or stab someone to death.
The most “friendly” encounter I’ve had on say, Greece, was someone in a building across from me and my friend agreeing to leave the city. There was no mention of not shooting each other at a later point, only mutual agreement not to shoot each other and leave the city we were in. Hell, I remember in Berlin on Germany, people were running around with knives and lugers and basic crap like that. And it was a warzone. Borderline gang wars. Probably one of the few times I actually engaged in melee combat against another players. Once we got a Viper or two, and a Cobra, it was game over for everyone else.

I do agree though, that it’d make more sense for guns to spawn in more realistic spots, but there should be a few times where there are spawns on tables and such just to break it up.

Overall I’d say something like Canada would work well, with a bit more gun variety. On that map, sure, guns were rare, but it wasn’t extremely rare to the point of stupidity. 5 or more trips to the military base would secure at least some sort of assault rifle or sniper rifle (even more so when the Maplestrike got added). The main game was to craft a bow (and later a makeshift rifle, but I don’t think that came out before Canada was dropped) and use a colt. Finding something like a Zube or whatever was really rewarding. Bases even lasted a pretty good while on that map.


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