A bunch of dlc ideas :D

Okay this is pure and simple. Basically, what if nelson adds dlcs of sorts(other than the servers). Basically these dlcs could be…
Kinda obvious ones

  • more quests/npcs

  • more buildables

  • More apocalyptic map pack?

Not too obvious by the names ones.

  • settlement creator (basically the ability to create survivor camps in singleplayer where npcs will spawn at and you have to defend them and such. Sorta like fallout 4)

  • possibly a sort of weapon skins dlc EXCEPT you need a workbench to apply them, so that makes it possible to have the same guns have different skins.

  • blueberry madness. ;D

  • more goods dlc, adds more types of crafting materials, foods, and maybe a couple more buildables?

  • deadzone madness map pack. (The place you spawn is the only area not a deadzone xd)

.if these won’t work as dlcs then maybe a couple could be added to the game, like the settlement thing. Would just make it more fun in sp


No to the first three. That’s content that should be in the normal game. We’re not EA.

We don’t need a paywall for some PvE settlement mode, I’m not even sure if that should be in the game to begin with. It just sounds weird. Same with user-exclusive skins, blueberry hallucinations, or “more” of content in general.

I feel like you’re kinda just looking for literally anything to charge a price on, but that’s a nice way to make 4.0 look like a crappy game with half it’s content behind a paywall.


This isn’t EA. Please take your loot box dlcs and stuff them in the box with battlefront.

I’m Literally just trying to find ways Nelson could make a living

While you have good intentions, they’re iffy at best in terms of execution.

From a developer’s standpoint it’s generally not a very good idea to destroy your public image to make some extra bucks. DLCs have never been positively received by any game community, even though there may be genuine reasons to make them DLC.

Knowing Nelson, I’m sure he will find a way to overcome this easily, with a different method.

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Nelson has already stated in the past that his financial situation is good, I don’t think he needs to add such things to a game that hasn’t even reached the beta test yet. Most part of the content of your suggestions could be added to the game anyways without having to be optional. You should try to put some effort when you make this kind of suggestions, most part of the time it looks like a joke thread or atleast not even half-serious.


Alright then, I’ll change the post a bit.

Blueberry madness was actually to add more uses to blueberries BTW xd. Like cakes, pies, heck maybe even guns that fire blueberries xd

Basically all of what you’re suggesting sounds like it would be a community mod.

Not a DLC.

True. I was more considering that one to be free. Just a joke dlc xd. Actually maybe these could all be free. But you can activate and deactivate them at anytime?

This feels like EA.

If nelson adds a doc because he needs more money then he should make aaaaaaaa. A story mode. Like a campain. It could cost $5 or $1 to make it seem like he’s not like EA.

You’re literally asking a fair developer to commit greed

Can we just uh…

Have no DLC in 4.0 (except for gold and the possible official server pass)? I know that these are supposed to be for singleplayer, but with UE4, people could make so many more mods and maps, and at the same time making it so that Nelson doesn’t have to do it. Most of these sound pretty boring themselves.

I’d Nelson adds a gold pass along with the premium server pass, then I think you should spawn with a golden watch. I don’t know what other benefits there would be though…

Age of empires 2 DLC is very well liked tho

That’s only because something that should be in the regular game instead gets cut up, and people are forced to either buy all of it (ahem Civ) or go on with a empty husk of a game.

Either way 99% of DLCs in games are frustrating monetization of stuff that should be free.


I agree DLCs have become total money grabs nowdays. Back when games were just getting traction DLC usually happened because Developers wanted to add things they never got to finish when the game came out. Now they just plan for them to get even more cash out. Pretty sad state for gaming atm.

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