A bunch of things I think should be in UII

not like that
in zomboid, for example, there are randomly generated events, like the one where two police cars and some police zombies have blocked off the road with barricades and said cars
if you can kill those zombies, which is very hard since taking on more than three zombies at once isn’t exactly easy, you can get some pretty good gear, it’s a risk/reward scenario

there are also the chances of the odd house events, like some houses being under renovations which will have paint and construction material like paint, wood, and some tools like saws and hammers inside boxes placed around, but less furniture than usual
this is a not exactly a reward, just different kind of loot

there are also some events that can only happen after some time
there’s an event that spawns a car (the discussion I had indicates it tries to spawn it outside cities, but not sure) surrounded by 4 zombies that have things like plate carriers and rifles on them, and some duffle bags of money, implying these people are former bandits
this event, while it would seem overpowered, it really is not considering how zomboid handles firearms, even more considering this event only spawns only after a month of in-game playtime (which is a lot) it’s really just another neat thing you can encounter

OP probably meant events like these to make the world feel more alive

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