A bunch of things I think should be in UII

Okay so first of all, I havent been on here in months, so forgive me if something Is oversuggested.

Okay, first of all. I think UII should take a lot of inspiration from other games.

Dont get me wrong, it’s a good idea to be unique, but I feel like UII could also take the good things from other games, while not taking the bad. You know?

Okay first of all, Project Zomboid

I’ve been playing this a lot since I stopped with unturned, and I think it would be a good idea to look towards it for a lot of mechanics. There would have to be a great amount of differences, since project zomboid is an isometric zombie survival game. The kinds of things I think should be put into UII are

  • the vehicle repair and maintenance system.

However, a variation on this should be that you require a certain workstation for things more advanced than changing the tires or oil or batteries, whatever.

  • the barricade system and object moving systems

Apologies in advance, I’m going to refer to a lot of mechanics as "system"s through this.

Anyways, I think the “fortifying a building” mechanic works pretty well in PZ. As long as you have some planks, nails, and a hammer, you can easily block off something giving you a while longer to get away. However, this obviously takes a bit of time, so you need to get those boards in quick.

  • like project zomboid, windows and doors should be in decent condition.

However, unlike it, there should be a lot of damage. But it shouldn’t be unreasonable to find a house with all the doors and windows intact.

  • general survival mechanics

I would suggest making it a bit more difficult than PZ, since once you get set up you can basically live there forever ingame, but other than that, it should probably stay the same.

  • vehicle and locational “stories”

In project zomboid, you can find random events that follow a sort of theme.

  • a car flipped over
  • a vehicle with some parts taken off and a corpse nearby
  • a room filled with a bunch of eaten corpses and a zombie.

Ect. You get the gist. More of to make the world feel more alive.

Dying Light

Pretty much all of you should know about this game, since there was the crossover event. Which I returned here for a day because of.

  • parkour system.
    However, I would specifically like to point out that it should be nowhere near as extreme. However, it should be possible to run through town literally jumping from roof to roof. (Yes, something similar to this is ready on the trello, but I’m just reiterating)

  • more danger at night.
    In dying light, zombies get a lot more scary at night. However, instead of volatiles perhaps we could do something else. I cant remember what it was, but I think there have been a few posts with ideas. I cant recall.

That’s all for this game. Sorry.

TLOU 1 and 2

Yes, there has been some controversy around the second game, but let’s focus on mechanics. (More on 2 tho)

  • throwing bottles (and other objects) as a distraction

This is an obvious mechanic that should be ingame. So much so that it’s probably planned. But I felt the need to mention it anyways.

  • using ropes and wires in certain areas to access other areas.
    This was actually a really neat mechanic. Being able to toss power cords over fences to power something. Or being able to toss a rope over something to allow climbing somewhere.

There are several other mechanics that I would think of for this, but they’ve probably ready been mentioned.

Also the fact I havent seen the entire game yet, so that as well.

There would probably be more ideas for mechanics, such as if I had played more hardcore survival games (which i cant remember the names of) but alas. That’s all I have for now.

Here’s the obligatory poll about how much you liked it, so you dont have to specifically like my post.

  • It was alright.
  • I liked some of it, except…
  • I didnt much of it, other than…
  • I didnt like any of it.
  • Null
  • Oh fuck this guys back again

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Toss in more ideas, and I’ll try to include them in here.



A lot of these things sound nice, and some of these are likely on Nelson’s trello list.


Yeah probably. I didnt really properly scan through it so yeah

I pretty much agree with everything. Nice post, and welcome back!


It’s perhaps worth noting that it isn’t necessarily Dying Light’s parkour system that makes this possible, but the layout of the map. The actual locations featured in the game, with their building designs and all such, are really what let you fly across the map.

The parkour is great, but is dependent on the map design in order to really flow.

Welcome back! :slight_smile:


Ropes ruin the point of ladders and would be a bit OP feeling.
The distraction mechanic already exists with flares and smokes in Unturned 3.0
Stronger zombies? Why not.
Parkour? God no- with Unturned II, it’d make no sense and feel a bit uncomfy and tacked on, especially with the graphics style and everything- cubes and bodies half morphing inside the building to try and do a nice vault animation would be too much effort and weird/buggy. Wouldn’t fit the theme and art styles of Unturned much, too.
Vehicle and locational stories already exist in Unturned 3.0. Read the lore videos and put effort into exploring the map a bit- you’ll find so much notes with small stories and guff. As well as the lines of crashed cars already being a thing, like Confederation Bridge on PEI, the weird cobweb house in I forgot the map, etc etc.
The window and door thing would ruin a lot of the crafting and effort people put into bases, ruining it by either having map design where people will only go to 1 area instantly for a living space, or have to get lucky to find a house near them, which is just needless RNG that destroys bits and pieces of Nelson’s detailed crafting system in 3.0
Repair and maintenance system? Exists in 3.0, mainly repair.
Workstation? Would overcomplicate things for Unturned 4.0’s audience, but I do see some potential.
Fortifying a building? That exists in Unturned 3.0… Just get some boards up. Or watch the trailer for 3.0.

Most of what you suggested didn’t really seem all that good or was something in 3.0. Not really that good of a suggestion ;p, no offense tho :smiley:

I interpreted it as OP wanting randomly-generated “events” that spawn in the scenery, such as—

  • a flipped over car
  • damaged vehicle with a nearby corpse
  • a bunch of corpses and zombies in a small room together

I don’t believe he was asking for specific lore tidbits, but instead that the implication was they should be randomly spawned across the map, similar to how items/vehicles spawn or airdrops fall. For example – there’s a vehicle spawn point, a vehicle spawns at it, but the game randomly decides to have the example event OP gave.


That’d be really tough to do and kind of annoying to code in, not really make much sense depending on circumstances and to me- there’s a good chance people will find it silly- that 2 people got high on 700 Kilos of Heinz- puked it out and fell asleep in a zombie apocalypse closet.

Ehhh maybe?

I mean, you just have to put together a few events, then make a random one of them to be chosen in areas. (That’s more of what I meant. project zomboid does this, as it’s kindanice to drive down a road that you’ve driven down eith a different character and already know what’s there, to find a police barricade is there with a few zombies. Play project zomboid, and you’ll get a better understanding of what I mean)

Also, ropes dont remove the point of ladders. They provide an alternative to get to and area that you cant use a ladder to get too.

Also on a random note: you seem to be taking a pot of your arguements based on mechanics in 3.0, as well as it seems like you didnt really understand some of what I meant, or didnt think it should be ingame because of more…mechanics…from…3.0…huh.

Okay rule of thumb, dont denounce ideas because they dont work with 3.0’s mechanics. This is a different game, and it’s going to be much more survival centric, and entirely different. You cant say “oh this shouldn’t be ingame because it wouldn’t work with its audience” when the audience hasn’t even been developed, nor is there any reason it wouldn’t be ingame.

Essentially, I think your criticism is a little bit off now that I’ve re-read it. I’m sorry, but yeah.

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It’s really good that you want to take inspiration from other games
But many of them are not necessary :-

  1. For Instance Parkour of Dying Light is for games with such map and graphics. Yes a little parkour is necessary but Nelson has already mentioned that sliding, rolling , speed climbing will be added in Unturned II.

I think the best section of this post was Project Zomboid which seems you have done extensive study on.

I was referring to the parkour in dying light (and even then I said not nearly as much as the game has)… but how does that have anything to do with the graphics?

Anyways, thanks for the feedback

Also also, I specifically said that we shouldn’t have parkour on dying lights level. I apologise for not pointing that out when I originally edited it.

He talks about the Level of Detail with the graphics, and how everything is more realistic and built around to be parkourable.

How much coffee did you drink when you made this?

Actually i’m reading the entire thread now and the way you worded everything is pretty questionable and difficult, but I understand the gist of it
As the development progresses personally I am seeing a lot of features inspired from rust. This includes 3.0 as well, and I even think sleepers (A Rust mechanic) have been confirmed a while back. It would be nice to see inspiration and mechanics from other games like you mentioned.
Survival games are survival games, some mechanics are almost universally welcome and needed if you want to make your survival game good. To me Rust is the ultimate example of a survival game.

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Well you see, Graphics have a major role in functioning of any game
In Unturned you don’t have fingers but instead a box. ( Simply to say Pixel Graphics )
How can you jump from roof to roof without using hands. The animation would be pointless in that case

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In that case, how can you hold and operate a military-grade rifle without hands?

Unturned players thus have hands and fingers.


Diet coke Is the answer.

Lots of it.

Also, sorry for the weird wording. It’s a bad habit I’ve developed during my time over on reddit, for some reason.


Solution: stop using Reddit

That sounds a bit offtopic, but if you stopped using reddit, you can spend more time thinking about how you can word yourself better in this forum and very thread sometimes the wording I shall use has inflicted a vex on the individuals they have read through and through and inspected it like they were looking for a thumbtack in a stack of hay.

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I dont think I neccesarily developed it from reddit, more of I got it since I changed what website I frequented.

there’s like three first of alls, I’m having trouble keeping up

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basically the unturned player structure i.e the one which control the player has no commands of that proportions to conduct parkour