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Youre worried II will be too survival based?


I love Unturned despite its current flaws (3.x), and answering to your main concern: yes, UII will be survival based.

Said by Nelson himself several times, Unturned was supposed to be a survival game. The route that the development of UII is taking is nothing but a direct consequence of its predecessor not being what it was supposed to be and all the acknowledged flaws that contributed on making what it actually is.

About the hitmarkers in particular, I’d be disappointed if it’s set ‘On’ by default at the normal difficulty. Hitmarkers are meant to ease a combat-based gameplay (both PvE and PvP), which shouldn’t be the case with UII.


ya know i think unturned ll will be minecraft 2 with different physics, mechanics, and other stuff

why do i think this?
Devlog 18 with the bomber man minigame
as well as its survival feel

That’s just a mod. Don’t mix things up.


This is already the plan, and has been for a while. Why hasn’t it happened yet? Frankly, the game just hasn’t been ready for it.

I’m sure the people who posted the suggestion already considered this, considering that’s how U3 does it. I think the point of the post is for the typical default (normal difficulty) gameplay.


I don’t like gameplay being drastically changed via difficulty or settings, I feel like that fractures the community too much, and makes updates and content in the game seem less impactful, especially if there is a 3.0 scenario where there is demand from the majority(sheeple lol) for survival “lite” and servers are made to accomadate to the majority, leading to what is currently going on in 3.0.

I also am worried that some things will be implemented that seriously (SERIOUSLY) should not be implemented, the main one being third person. I really really hope nelson realises the fault in 3rd person and just straight up doesn’t implement it, as it becomes a crutch very quickly, and then once people have that crutch they never want to play 1st person, leading to the entire playerbase slowly being converted into using 3rd person, because of how ridiculously overpowered and broken it is.

I am also afraid of how moddable the game is going to be. I understand that nelson is a developer with 5+ years of experience, but honestly once modding tools/plugins drop, no matter how early, whats stopping a group of people from developing the game faster than nelson? Obviously people would play whatever “gamemode” has the most content in it, but that would just be a really weird situation, although the only game I have seen this happen in is cataclysm. I am still excited, but a little spooked.

Currently I think nelson should pump out a barebones pvp, even if its just an arena or a tdm, so people will have a game to play to get through the long wait. I understand that thats the “plan” and I have no idea how the development is really going, as the github hasn’t seen much action afaik, (edit i just remembered that there are private githubs whoops) and throw back to the official unturned discord when nelson said he would have a beta out 1 (one) year ago. I am also worried that I will not be able to play the game, as college is coming up and I will have far less time on my hands.


First of all I’d just like to state I have no idea of what the point you’re getting across really is, or if there’s even one.

With that said…

Then what? It’s not like it’s a big problem, people have different opinions all the time. Moreover, it’s a pretty off-topic thing to give your two cents here instead of in the og thread’s comments.

If being vague was a solid object you could chop a tree down with this sentence.

That’s what the forum has done since its creation. Criticising U3 with the goal of not having its mistakes ported to the next game.


I’m unsure why you think we don’t know what we are doing with suggestions.

….because that’s what suggestions are for. We pitch in ideas and leave it in case the developer is looking for references on community suggestions. Before that, we discuss on whether or not it belongs in the game or is a viable fix.

The thing about not playing the game because of a speculation or fear is one way to distance yourself from the game.

By the way, it has already been confirmed that a more open beta would be available for people to play on, but didn’t happen at the time because it wasn’t ready in terms of features and mechanics.

Now here’s thing about ‘Excitement’. To get everyone excited, you would want to release a beta that everyone would enjoy the most out of it on gameplay while at the same time people can suggest ideas. Releasing the beta too early would result in the opposite of getting people excited; a stale barebones demo would break the hype and bore everyone until only (Less than) half of the followers stayed behind to see the game’s release.

I think you misunderstood how this forum works and the people visiting it.


How could one hate Unturned?
Anwser: Not!!!

you know i think this guy here is a future teller or somethin like that

how could he predict the forum changing?


I don’t want trash talk about U3. I want to prevent U:II from being it.

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Your not trash talking about Unturned 3.0, your trash talking everyone who has been on the forum before you. Like yarrrr said:

Oh wow Mr special snowflake welcome to the “Literally every person who likes Unturned” club.

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