A few of my unturned 3.0 vanilla style buildings

These are some of my very first models and I hope to make many more.


These look great, Keep it up! If I was shown these without context, I would probably think it’s a work of Nelson.


Looks very nice!
I personally think the Furniture text is a bit to small, but still looks great!


simple and awsome !

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For sure! I will change that now :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. If you have any ideas for other buildings I will probably make them.


any better @skydragonfire05

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A fish butcher shop.

Yes, it’s better. c:

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Pretty good.

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Don’t mind me, I’m just adding 3.X and showcase tags.

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Thanks I had no idea they were there. I did try to find them when posting but I guess I read past them.

Butcher and fish look the exact same

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Oh my god imagine finding raw meat in a butcher post apocolypse? That’d be delicious

nutrition :+1:

The interior is very different. The fish shop has a counter and a back of shop with a garage door similar to the post office whereas the butchers is more similar to the pizza shop as it has a window counter type thing and a door to the right of it.

These all look like they fit in the game 100% - Would expect no less from Cryptogram models though :smile: Can’t wait to see the next batch you post!

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Thanks so much gamez :smiley:

Very cool, Butcher one is my favorite :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to create some compound objects out of these bad boys :triumph:

You have made me furious! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Looks hella good. Nice work