A flag example for you who wants to make your own flags

I got permission from Nelson to upload an example for you all, enjoy!

Here you go (Google Drive link)

Technically all you have to do is to change the flag texture, but if you have any trouble tell me.

Edit 1: New link that should work. Thanks for warning me @anon36099209


just wish we could get a few more examples, like the lights in the game. XD

Ay, thanks for the file, However.

All of the prefabs are “unusable.” (I remember that clip, nav and object are in the seperate folder.)

Don’t know if I set it up correctly. I even tried to just replace the texture, still didn’t work.

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i might have fucked up somewhere. I’ll try to re-do it.

I’ve uploaded another one, by changing the folders with the bundled thing.
If it doesn’t work i’ll just tell you how to set up the flag’s gameobjects.

Welp, I’ve tried all I can think of, still ended up with the same problem. :thinking:

Maybe I might’ve screwed things up. Or that I just use model_0 for a gameobject. I don’t know.

can i see your .dat?

that might be the problem, you made it so people can interact with it. Unless that was the plan. Im not too sure if that can screw with textures though.

It was probably the plan. The way he has it set up is so it can be destroyed. I’m not sure why he’s using a custom effect for it though. What’s wrong with the normal effect?

I was planned to make the flag interactible. Or in this case. Making it destroyable.

I’m not pretty sure about this but.
When I delete the “Asset_Version Bundle_2” the texture’s fixed. But it’s pretty much that. One-sided soild flag.

Also, I noticed that I’d made a typo.
“Snowshow” to “Snowshoe” (If nelson’s guide is correct.) maybe that’s why. I’ll try to fix it later.

What “Custom effect” tho?

You set your Intractability_Effect’s ID to 7233. The default’s ID is 72.


If I recall correctly. I’ve copied this from Flag_russian. Didn’t noticed that tho.

I’ll change that when I get back home. Thanks anyhow.

Edit : I’m pretty sure effects are just sounds that it made when hitted. So I don’t think it will fixed the main issue.

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