A friendly note about VAC/BE bans from 101

I’ve seen countless Steam Discussion threads on ‘I got banned please help’, and every thread I’d come across would have the same basic answers. Yet posts still came. I’m making this in hope that it’ll be stickied by a moderator and that players about to type up a new topic titled ‘I got banned please help’ can see and not need to go through 15 of the same answer.

Plain and simple, you can’t get unbanned here. Nor reddit, and also not Steam Discussions. VAC and BattlEye have no affiliation to Nelson, Unturned, or SDG other than being products he uses for this game. Nobody can magically unban you from here. Nelson and the moderators on all the different media of Unturned are not BE/Valve employees and cannot do anything for you. If you get a game ban, aka BattlEye ban, please contact Battleye itself and petition for an unban there. If you get a VAC ban, please hit up Valve and petition to them for an unban (www.valvesoftware.com/ and https://www.battleye.com/ respectively). It’ll make your life a lot easier to contact these two companies before asking anybody on the forums.

It really seems like a ‘dick move’ to write this here IMHO, but I’d much rather one in-depth post that’ll help you in the long run. I really do hope this helps and if it makes this process any easier for you that means this is helping at least one person, and that’s all I need to know. :wink:

~ 101, Modject Moderator


Let’s hope everyone sees this before they post. Because not everyone is gonna pay attention

I hope they pin this as well.

Then that concerns the Steam discussions, not the SDG forum itself. I think that @xdlewisdx made a thread about it few weeks ago there.

I don’t feel as this is necessary to keep around. Any threads about bans have been removed as they don’t belong here. Users will continue to show up and time and time again has proven that they don’t always read ‘pinned’ threads and will post anyway. :man_shrugging:


I approve this statement as being 100% true :sunglasses:


Fair point.

Indeed i did: http://steamcommunity.com/app/304930/discussions/0/1471969431598464371/ if anyone was wondering