A gun holding stance

Simple and really short suggestion.
It could be in appearence menu or if you click t to chose how you can hold(i know if you press t to change attachments but would be easy to use)
well i just give one enxample and fotage about that feature:

as you see mine thoughts on one hold kind
its just grab closer to magazine and benefits you with:
10% quicker reload and 8% minimalized recoil + cool stance
If you have mounted grip to gun you shoud change stance to normal (where was before non-dominant hand on handguard)
there could be more or few of them allows for more customizanation for our characters
Note: this shown stance only work for two-handed guns such as: Bolt action, Assault rifles, Submachine guns, ect.


Stances would neat, if possibly overkill. Could be treated as attachments assuming they can modify the way the player model interacts with guns (which they should anyway, nobody wants grips that just don’t get used)
9/10, pls add.


Definitely needs to be added! This way the gameplay would be more immersive.

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