A harsh Enviroment

A harsh environment is really needed for Unturned A air that carries disease is a good example and that air occurs randomly in random places that carried disease and could decrease your Green Bar thingy and makes you slow and give you damage per second if your in the way of the Polluted air the air moves in the whole map for like 10 Minutes or something

Another Examples

An earthquake that could deal huge amount of damage of your base

Some UV rays that raises your body temperature depleting your water bar and forcing you to get in a nearby shelter and give you sunburn and damages you

An acid rain that could damage your base and you if your outside

Hope you like it :slight_smile:


So like a dead zone? @Tope

It is like but the difference is it moves

A dynamic dead zone? Does sound a little bit overkill and overpowered.

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Nope. It fits in with the survival gameplay.And btw balance it i guess if you guys think its OVERPOWERED

anything that challenges the player to survive could “fit with the survival gameplay”, in this case it’s a matter of it being balanced.

zombies should be a bigger problem than weather
but a great storm, (rare storm) is a good idea.
earthquake no thx is not Japan

XD why is it have to be japan for an example

I think besides making survival more difficult, events like these would encourage survival gameplay by discouraging sedentarianism. Although I don’t particularly like any of the examples, I do agree with the general idea of the post.

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