A idea for a new germany themed performance vehicle

So you all know how when PEI came out we got the Roadster, when Washington came out we got the racecar, when Russia was released we received the Ghost, and when Hawaii was released we got the sportscar (and the legereno). So maybe we should get a Porsche themed vehicle for Germany, it would be called the Speedster (in reference to the classic Porsche model of the same name) and it would follow the same format of a two-seater, fast, and sporty vehicle (it would look like a newer Porsche)

We already have golf, hunchback and I’m sure few more

we just have the golf and the beetle, not very sporty imo

I think that Nelson shoukd add some German army (Bundeswehr ) vehicles. When we got russia we got Russia we got the Vodnik, Hind, Orca and more Vehicles. The german army vehicles are just retextured models. I wish we could get more german military models, not just old models in a new colour

Huey, Eagle + all the exclusive Germany vehicles, not that bad, is it :thinking: ?

I agree with this, a leopard tank, and maybe a new attack heli

Isn’t the current tank ‘‘based’’ on the Leopard II ?

We sure as hell don’t need another attack helicopter.

i’m just giving a random example of a new vehicle idea

I think it’s a combination of the abrams and the leopard tank

I agree at this point, the Eagle is new. I also agree that we do not immediately need a new attack heli. But the actual Unturned Tank isn’t based on the Leopard. I mean he doesn’t has anything familiar. The leopard has a longer and flatter turret and body than the Tank. Just look at Photos at Google pictures. But my ideas were:
Fuchs: 3- wheeled APC
Boxer: 4- wheeled, armoured transport vehicle (not amphibious! )
Wolf: something like the Toiler, an unarmoured jeep
Marder: tank with a machine cannon as primary weapon an a rocket launcher as secondary. Not amphibious, can transport 6 passengers and 3 crewmembers ( driver, gunner who fires the primary gun and the commander who fires the missile )

WARNING! THESE ARE JUST IDEAS! I DONT SAY THAT THIS SHOULD BE THE MOST IMPORTANT STUFF! I JUST SAY THAT THESE VEHICLES WOULD LOOK GOOD ON GERMANY! I had to write this because some people have the opinion that I think that this idea is very important for me. It’s not. It’s just a wish.

There already is a Jeep for Germany aswell so having two unarmoured military vehicles with the same amount of seats is a bit pointless.

Sorry, I forgot about this. But it’s sad that there are just a few mods with German military vehicles