A kind request (aggressive demand)

No time to explain, but I need a couple of unturned cosmetic loadouts, preferably including the following:

  • Names of the cosmetics
  • Preferred weapon(s), specific attachments appreciated
  • In-game gear items? (military NVG, etc.)

Remember that this is for no reason in particular and I am absolutely not using Blender at this time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

I’m out of ideas and I need cosmetic loadouts so I can do cool things please don’t murder me

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try and make this in blender, more funny then the last thing i posted


Finally—an excuse to post my current cosmetic loadout.

  • Lei
  • Dragon Horns
  • BattlEye Halo
  • Chef Zombie Plush
  • Duffle Bag
  • Mercenary Top
  • Outfit Jeans
  • Scalar with Dot Sight

Alternatively: if you really need ideas, there’s a lot of actual NPCs (and other characters), or memes, you could draw inspiration from instead. Divine Duneman. Shotgun-toting Elver Pantaloons. Rusty.


white beard

  • Vampire hunter hat
  • shades
  • rio national guard sash
  • gold bowtie
  • gold tuxedo top
  • gold tuxedo bottom
  • vampire cape
  • nordic bluntforce

    also i wanna thank lyoent for the calling card skin, it was a gift from him.
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My skin loadout

  • Operator cap
  • Black Polka Dot Bowtie
  • Lil’ EBR Rapper Hoodie
  • Lil’ EBR Rapper Pants
  • Mad Scientist Goggles

If you need to find yourself some nice and themed cosmetic loadout, watch some videos of UnProperty: UnTropety - YouTube

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Heres mine

  • Vintage Ushanka
  • Eyepatch
  • Aprix Stealth Bandit Mask
  • Vintage Trenchcoat Top
  • Navy Bottom
  • Belgian Infantry Gear
  • Carpat Survivor Sling


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