A list of new games for 2019


Hello guys so i come up with a list of best games for 2019 for everyone. Any suggestion pls reply down here. My game is
1, Devil May Cry 5


Mount & Blade II Bannerlord


Metro Exodus


Cyberpunk 2077
Cuphead DLC
Fortnite season 8

not to shabby if ye ask me


Generation Zero and Left Alive look promising.


Borderlands 3 hopefully

Glances at Randy Pitchford


dead matter
subnautica below zero DLC


Just to clarify—it’s not DLC.

Below Zero is a separate game you purchase separately from Subnautica, and does not require Subnautica to be played.


Cool. Hopefully I can afford it.


Unturned II


Hytale maybe


I will one up you with Minecraft II,
Jk its unturned 2 for me


Cuphead’s DLC.


the best new game of 2019 is titanfall 2
maybe dusk or super mario brothers 2 while we are at it.