A little help T-T

Im making a light mod, so far it isnt working xd, heres some code for one of the objects xd
Name AJ Day Light #4
GUID 84467e1c-c0fb-4a24-a90e-99f75d7a104c
Type Medium
ID 290004
If someone could tell me what im doing wrong that would help xd

You’ll have to screenshot your Unity bundle set-up, so people can see if you have everything needed for a light to be a light

basically what Ive done is change the files for the normal editor objects. I just wanted to create versions of the lights that are on all the time and lights that only turn on at night :confused:

so basically I NEED to use unity?

Yes. You need to use Unity (and by extension, Blender) because you have to have a model for your object.

Augh Im terrible at those programs T-T, I was hoping I could just change the classic code and basically create duplicates that act different.

wait, where are the unity file for the unturned lights?
So I can open them and try to edit them xd

sorry If im bothering you a lot, I just want to create a mod that literally NOBODY has made XD

If you mean the unitybundle file, those cannot be opened up and edited, nor are they (the vanilla files) public. If you mean the example, it’d be in one of the packages you can import into your Unity Project.

okay xd Ill try to find em thanks molt

wait molt, is there a way I can make the mod use the original unity files? cause theres NO way that im going to be able to create lights and such.

know what, nevermind

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