A Long List of Suggestions

Suggestions (w/ Explanation):
1. Bases Changes:

  • I think there should be 2 things changed about this along with additions to change the meta of bases. The 2 things that should change is the amount of resources to make some things and the decay system, The Change of amount of resources should expand enough to not have a fresh spawn go onto trees and build a 5x5x3 base out of wood, Like this should change where a 1x1 costs like triple of what it was in unturned 3.0 and/or a skill that is required to be learned so you can building these buildings. The decay system should be something like rusts decay system but something thats different so as to there not being copyright and probably a different consept so it makes sense with the game. Now the meta change would be that those who are starting out would have to make camps with makeshift walls out of random materials with a gate and can use the next 2 suggestions.

2. Add buildable watchtowers:

  • This ties in with the previous suggestion, This would be used to see over the makeshift wall in case there are roamers and your trying to not get hurt. Or can be used to check out for incoming raiders or randoms. Ofcourse this can be have other uses like if your getting over run by zombies in a city you can climb one of these and kill them from above before they destroy it

3. Deployable Tents:

  • This one also ties in with both of the previous adding a small area to make it, not only that but maybe let us make a makeshift military tent also for different variety of housing in the camps that were suggested in the first suggestion. They will also have a use in raiding, this can be where they store their beds and supplies to continue the raid incase they get killed and such and the loot that is left after they get destroyed gives them some loot. Thats just an example of it.

4. Blueprint Building

  • This is also like rust but it would carries the prefabs and the walls and other things, this would extinct the crafting of floors and other things and placing them would probably make it better and easier.

5.Wandering Zombie Hordes:

  • This would make the Watch tower more useful since you can see the wandering hordes coming and start firing upon them, but adding this adds a Nowhere is safe type of feeling and make not only others a problem but them also cause imagine a horde surrounded the building your looting then it would make it difficult to escape and would also help to counter raids cause they can surround them.

6. Walls for Camps:

  • This ties in with the camps suggestion, since they cant be metal and wood off the beginning if they were to require skills then it would require some makeshifts ones outta random materials like sandbags or the huge containers that were in 3.0 that were filled with something. This would make it so people can choose their style or choose whichever they can afford.

7. Time for doing things:

  • Lets say your crafting things, in 3.0 its instantly but how about instead it takes a while so if makeshift weapons are made or explosives or something else not to be instant because they will usually mean they can use it as soon as they are done. This would also go to adding ammo to mags .

8.Backpacks that make sound:

  • Lets say you are fighting a stacked guy with guns and other things, then it would make it make sound to make you find them easier. This would stop bandits from coming outta nowhere stacked and robbing you are killing you .

9: No Modding Restrictions:

  • Well this suggestion is self explanatory, there can be many more mods that can change everything in game such as make things intractable in the maps ( like a silo with a nuke can be launched at a location someone decides it if someone decided to make a mod like that)

10: Guns going Rare:

  • This is gonna be a more hated one but it would be better if guns were more rare since it would stop people from taking them out on expeditions same as ammo, so there is no just gunshots in the main town of the map.

11: A skill tree for more specific features w/ a Gunsmith perk to craft weapons:

  • This one would seem fun since it requires more farming to get everything and more time to max out the stats with exp with more possibility of many things that can help the player out

12: More Makeshift weapons (Someone elses Suggestion):

  • This one was already said but i like it a lot, if there more makeshift weapons then there are more than just civilian and military weapons to choose from and if the suggestion 10 wont come true would make it perfect so incase there is a massive gang of people with guns you can craft one and fight back

13: More seeds to plant:

  • More Agriculture thats also self Explanatory

14: More Craftable food and uncraftable food:

  • would go well with the previous suggestion since we can have many foods to eat and many drinks etc.

I stand corrected this is long

It’s not that long.
This is long.

Not going to lie though, most of these are just a given already. Points for effort though.


Ive quoted mine from the past, some new ones and some of the other ones i saw here sorry if you saw them already :frowning:


please no

Put a house on stilts and add a ladder, and you’ve got yourself a watchtower. Ideally the building system would allow you to build whatever you want without needing to use preset buildings, but it would be nice to be able to save a design and build the framework of it in another location or even another server.

This one? Tent idea

I’ve seen a lot of suggestions for wandering zombies, but that’s the first time I’ve seen it for that reason.

The same things I said about watchtowers mostly apply here too.

Agriculture needs a more extensive overhaul than just more seeds.

Any particular reason why?

Idk i just want variety and i didnt know someone already put tents as one XD

Just short here, I have a shit melory so I cant remember like anytjing XD but… zombies should be able to klimb… and to stack themself on top of eachother like in the film wwz or something :grimacing:

Thats only in hordes that it should and even then too op cause imagine your doing your final stand ont he roof of your home

Naw, let’s do it all the time. We want a challenge her broskj

I think people would hate the game if they had a horde in their base and another stacking towards him, also i wonder if hes gonna replace Horde Beacons

Yes wouldnt it be amazing? :smiley: you are a lonley guy in the woods and there was a horde walking around and you made some sound and they come there :smiley: this would make the environment even an bigger challenge wich would make players to team up more, build small willages, outposts, communities :smiley: you know? And build walls and spikes and traps around them and that would be much easier to defend :smiley:

I think many people would rage although yes it would be fun, people would th know what too do, die loose their stuff and now have to deal with his zombiefied self and the horse with the little resource they have

Ppl would have to team up instead of killing othdr people and even abandon camps if the horde gets out of hand :grin:

Imagine hours of work being taken over by hordes amd leaving and incense they get back the horde is not there (cause they despawned) and raiders te taking everything

Well ppl have to invest on defenses and make bigger living areas, camps, with more ppl who can defend the place

Wouldn’t that attract raiders also?

Yes, it probably would. Why?

Then wouldn’t that be harder to defend against

It depends on… what you do and so on

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