Tent idea

Well you find a tent and you place it and put ur sleeping bag in it and go to bed. Wake up in the mourning and slavage it and keep moving.

Basically tents that you place for safety while you sleep.


How would this be any different then just placing a bedroll and sleeping? What would it protect you from?


it should work like you press “e” or “f” on it and then you can sleep,store items (5x5 slot),take it,etc

or you should be able to open it and get inside, so you will be safe from the snow.

also you may get them in stores, craft them or use those who are already builded on camps.

More hp than sleeping bags.

Exploration tent:
BIgger than tents
has 2 sleeping bags
has even more hp than sleeping bags
has an 7x5 storage box.

Military Tent:

bigger than exploration tent
more hp than exploration
has an 7x7 storage box
has 3 sleeping bags

makeshift tent:

has 3x5 storage, only one sleeping bag and same hp than normal tent.

It whould give a nice aesthetic, and maybe warmth

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A) provide temperature insulation as well as protection from the elements
B) act as a basic layer between you and potential hazards such as wandering zombies or hostile animals
C) aesthetics, mostly

Though if this does get added, I’d prefer to see a proper system of pitching a tent.


Maybe something like these for the military tents? Also, Eureka seems to make most of the tents for the US military. Being able to use these styles of tents would be nice. They even have a cold weather tent, as well as thermal liners to keep out heat/cold!

Great idea!

Tents would be a good idea, it would allow players to get a wharm place to sleep

Much wharms

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I think I could protect the bed from some poorly equipped peeled players and wild animals, but to be fair she would not be bulletproof.

she? now tents have a gender? lol
bulletproof tents?
what kind of wild animals?

The English word “tent” doesn’t have a gender, but “barraca” and “tenda” (portuguese words for tents) are both feminine, so their pronoun would be “ela” which can be translated as “she” but in this case, probably should have been translated as “it”


i dont know portuguese and also it was a joke lol

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